Team Competition

Team Formation is now open. Go to the form at the bottom of the page to form a team.

Current list of teams

Team Mango — Tom Corris, Kerry Owens, Joyce Fendley, Vicki Kendall, and Mike Bur — at the finish of the 2004 Bull Run Run.

The Bull Run Run team competition is primarily for fun. The categories are designed to challenge those who want competition and to amuse those who want a good time. Each member of each winning team will receive an award. There is no fee to form a team.

Entry into the team competition opened in early February, and the form to get YOUR entry in can be found at the bottom of this page!


All teams must have four members. Each BRR entrant can be a member of only one team. Other than this, there are no restrictions on who is on a team (i.e., no geographic or affiliation restrictions).


There are five award categories. There is one winning team in each category. The fastest categories are determined by adding the finishing places of all members, and the lowest score wins. Any team member who does not finish officially disqualifies the team for all awards. The categories are:

Category Notes

No team may win multiple awards. The three fastest categories — male, female, and co-rec — will be determined first. The remaining teams will compete for the slowest and oldest categories.

We will allow substitution of team members until March 28. No substitutions after that.

If one of your potential members is on the wait list, you cannot form your team until that person makes it on to the entrants list.


Each member of a winning team will receive an award. At least one team member must remain at the finish to pick it up the team’s awards. Team awards will not be mailed. The award will once again be the highly coveted BRR fleece blanket. So it would be criminal to go to the trouble of forming a team, then have your team members all finish and win a category, only to miss out on the blanket by bailing on the post-race party too early!

Issues on forming a team


The last day to form a team is the day all entry closes, March 28. (If you have a potential team member on the wait list and he or she has a chance of getting in at the last minute, contact RD Quatro Hubbard before that day.)

Form a team

Use this form to create a team. The captain is the person who fills out the form and whom we will contact for questions, etc. Please enter the first and last name of each team member as it is on the entrants list. If you aren't sure, consult the entrants list for proper spelling. You may want to copy and paste names that are difficult to spell.

Be sure to use the same e-mail that you used with entry.