U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Legare

USCGC Legare -- Change of Command
President Joe Clapper's Report

As the official representative of the VHTRC at the Change of Command. (COC-I learned early to spell it out. Pronouncing it, as in, "Do you know where the COC is?" gets you rude looks) Commander Robin Kane looked dapper in his dress whites on the flight deck of the endurance cutter "USS Legare" A 270 foot thin profile ship. If I was running drugs I would not want to mess with this boat. I am not running drugs.

Robin after MMTThere was enough brass in attendance to make the ship list to starboard. Luckily brass is not magnetic or the ship would have spun around to due north. A navy band played before and between ceremonial activities. In front of his crew of 100, Commander Kane instilled respect by force of his personality, strength of his will, and referring to the brig four times. It was kind of cool with all the dress swords and incomprehensible color marking on everybody's chest.

Most of the large Kane clan was there. They are a fit team that would be a tough entry in an adventure race or any athletic endeavor. After the ceremony the entourage retired to Michelle and Robin's beautiful house right on the beach. Many beers were unceremoniously dispatched with.

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(Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard)