Joe's Almost Annual B-Day Ride

October 27, 2017

Our President!Come join me by skipping work and going to the mountains for a bike ride. The Blue Ridge Mountains should be at peak colors and the ride invigorating. This is a road bike ride by athletically inclined people of varying levels of fitness. Details follow:

When: October 27, 2017.

Where: An out and back ride starting at mile 0 of the Skyline Drive and going up to the turn around at mile 24.5. The start is at 600 altitude ft. and by 22 miles elevation is 3500 ft. The first 4.5 miles is up hill then the Drive is rolling up and down to the turn around. (Bring your quads) Be prepared for difficult climbs and exhilarating descents. The road surface is about the smoothest anywhere, great for biking.

How: We will generally go at our own speed to the turn around point at Elk Wallow (free beer for anyone who sees an elk) where we will have a pit stop and regroup before returning. There is a store and picnic tables at Elk Wallow.

What to Bring: Helmet is a must, simple tools, pump, patches, tube, energy bars or GU, a few dollars, versatile clothing i.e. wind breaker, tights (you're going to cook on the way up and freeze on the way down), camera if it fits, guide book on crustaceans. Pack as lightly as you can. If it is foggy, lights will be required.

Why: So I can disprove the theory of people aging physically. As most are aware I successfully disproved the theory that everyone must grow up.

Karsten Waits Fruitlessly for Joe to Show!
Karsten Brown Waits Fruitlessly for Joe to Show in 1998

Time Line:

» 7:00 (yes, in the morning) leave Centreville Park and Ride

» 8:00 start ride in Front Royal (Skyline Dr. just before the toll booth)

» 10:30-11:00 snack at Elk Wallow and complain about age, humidity, tight legs, sore butt, stupid drivers, the campaign financing, tax cut etc.

» 1:00 end ride at mile 0, if ranger's not looking, we will have a beer and celebrate.

» 1:30 on either return to greater DC or go to Mexican place in Front Royal for calorie adjustment and trade stories.

Happy Trails,

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