Gary Knipling's Response to Winning the James Moore Award

Photo: Gary after seeing a bearFinishing the Hardrock a little before midnight EDT the night of the VHTRC Volunteer party fulfilled a personal goal I’ve had since my son, Keith, attempted it two years ago. I was totally unprepared, therefore, when soon afterwards Bunny told me the news that I had been selected to receive the 2003 VHTRC James Moore Award.

Keith and I had been in Silverton, Colorado for almost two weeks attending “Camp Hardrock” in preparation for the race. While we had become part of the “Hardrock family”, we also had our own “VHTRC family” present – Bill & Linda Van Antwerp and Bunny Runyan. Not just by coincidence, Bill and Bunny have been recognized by the Club, along with Valerie Meyer, as Volunteers of the Year.

I consider it such an honor just to be associated with the VHTRC “gang”. I love being with such a fun-loving, fit group of people. I don’t know what makes the chemistry so right, but I believe it’s more than the endorphins that we generate from our long runs together. I don’t even know what most of you do for a living in the “real world” as if that matters. I do know, however, that I’ve thought about and pondered what represents who we really are: our weekday activities or our weekend warrior antics? I still don’t know the answer.

To receive this award along with past recipients, James & Rebecca and Ed Demoney, is a true honor. Thank you to the Club and to each of you for such a meaningful tribute. I will never be on a trail too narrow to share with a member of the VHTRC.

Happy trails,