VHTRC Volunteer Party

June 10, 2000

Capitol Yacht Club
Washington, DC

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Almost 50 people showed up at the VHTRC party for volunteers held at the Capitol Yacht Club. Jeanne Christie and Larry DeHof arranged for us to use the club again this year. Mable again catered an excellent meal and the Has Beens rocked the night away. (Ok, they quit pretty early, but they were great while they lasted.) There were plenty of refreshments. The score at the bar was VHTRC 1, Keg of Sam Adams 0--we killed the sucker. I don't think that the bottle of Wild Turkey was doing much better.

James and Rebecca with awardThe highlight of the evening was the presentation of the James Moore Award. This award is a new idea. We should write down criteria but just naming it after Jim lets you know what it is meant to recognize--exceptional athletic achievement, though not necessarily fast records; community service; particpation in club activities; friendliness; and a love of beer.

Jim Finishing his C&O Canal RunThe co-winners of the first James Moore Award were James and Rebecca Moore. They are inseparable and each deserve the recognition. The two left Georgetown last July 19 to run the C&O Canal Towpath both ways. They were completely unsupported. Rebecca carried all the food on her bike. Jim did all he set out to do except the section between Paw Paw and Hancock coming back. It was brutally hot weather. He smiled all the way. (Well, most of the way.) Jim and Rebecca received a handsome award. (Information on Jim's C&O Canal Towpath run.

We also recognized all the volunteers. Those who directed races (Scott Mills, Ed Demoney, and Jeanne Christie), the aid station captains, and the many people who answered the call of these people to help continue the tradition of quality that the club is known for.

Gary finally finds bears!There was also a special award for Gary Knipling. The smiling creator of the Eagle Run has never seen a bear in the wild. Well, the party was wild and Gary saw a bear! He looked real happy!

Club President-for-Now Joe Clapper arrived late after helping a horse person at the Old Dominion Ride. The evening ended on a bizarre note when a runner became lost and Gary Knipling went to the police station to report that, if a "Joe Clapper" came in reporting that a certain person was lost, ignore it because the person had been found. (Don't ask how someone gets lost at the Capital Yacht Club.) After Gary passed a blood alcohol test, we repaired to Mario's Pizza in Arlington for a nightcap. It was a strange end to a fun night.

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