2015 Results

23rd Annual
VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon Trail Run
Fountainhead Regional Park, Virginia
Saturday, September 19, 2015

Robin Watkins won the race in 1:43:21.
Robin Watkins won the race in 1:43:21.

We scored another beautiful — though hot — day for the 2015 running of the Women's Half Marathon. Two hundred fifteen women toed the start line, and 203 finished. In addition to the runners who dropped out during the race, the trail took some other casualties — many women crossed the finish line with all kinds of scrapes and bumps. This entrants field had some bruisers!

Liana Heitin's best blood.
Liana Heitin's best blood.

Robin Watkins won the race in 1:43:21, besting fellow VHTRC member Holly Bugin, who'd led for much of the race but missed a turn near mile 9 and was eventually set straight by a pack of Boy Scouts. Holly lost her lead when she veered off course and fell back to as much as eighth place before surging to a second-place finish. Ann Stanley of Richmond took third, and the first VHTRC finisher was Sheila Vibert.

Runner-up, Holly Bugin, brings it home.
Runner-up, Holly Bugin, brings it home.

Eight teams of mothers and daughters ran this year, and everyone finished. The team of Anne and Rhea Weaver won with a combined time of 4:12:36. Anne also competed on two other teams with her daughters Erin and Sarah. And in an amazing, inspiring family affair, Jill Jacobs ran on teams with her mother and her daughters. That's three generations in one family.

Sophie Speidel set a new PR of 1:55:34.
Sophie Speidel set a new PR of 1:55:34.

Volunteers turned out in full force to serenade the runners at the start line, pamper and/or heckle them at the aid stations, ply them with costumes to race in, kiss boo-boos on knees, offer smoothies, and generally save the day. As always, the support at the race was unparalleled. A huge thanks to our army of amazing volunteers!

Thanks for participating in another great Women's Half Marathon. See you next year! Until then, happy trails…

Volunteer Jonathan Loewus-Deitch helps a runner at the finish.
Volunteer Jonathan Loewus-Deitch helps a runner at the finish.
Chefs Mario and WHTom, and sous chef, Kathleen, at the smoothie bar.
Chefs Mario and WHTom, and sous chef, Kathleen, at the smoothie bar.


Overall | Age Group | Mother-Daughter

2015 Women’s Half Marathon Results: Overall
Place Name Age Home Time VHTRC
1Robin Watkins32Washington, DC01:43:21VHTRC
2Holly Bugin36New Kent, VA01:48:39VHTRC
3Ann Stanley39Richmond, VA01:50:25
4Emily Ferguson39Arlington, VA01:50:51
5Rhea Weaver24Philadelphia, PA01:51:25
6Sheila Vibert33Washington , DC01:52:08VHTRC
7Kristen Keller36Centreville, VA01:53:59
8Sophie Speidel52Charlottesville , VA01:55:34VHTRC
9Kristen Metzger31Washington, DC01:56:49
10Rebecca Weast28Charlottesville, VA01:57:06VHTRC
11Anita Freres50Vienna, VA02:00:46
12Simone Sengers44Keswick, VA02:01:27
13Laura Chipkin35Arlington, VA02:02:26
14Monika Bachmann50Upper Marlboro, MD02:03:27
15Kelly McNulty26Washington, DC02:04:14
16Deb Cawthorn44Springfield, VA02:04:41VHTRC
17Jane Wikman52Germantown, MD02:05:10
18Amanda Hicks31Washington, DC02:05:19
19Grace Chan46Arlington, VA02:05:29VHTRC
20Liana Heitin33Washington, DC02:06:02
21Michelle Andersen40Crozet, VA02:06:50VHTRC
22Susie Bokermann33Washington , DC02:07:03
23Jen Norris44McLean, VA02:07:30
24Amy Mortimer50Arlington, VA02:08:15
25Kris Beckert33Vienna, VA02:08:28
26Alisa Springman40Front Royal, VA02:09:04VHTRC
27Amy Leinkram27Arlington, VA02:09:50
28Adela Lacopo35Arlington, VA02:10:37
29Allie Pesch32Crozet, VA02:12:58
30Grace Tran37Columbia, MD02:15:14
31Jessica Kenyon39Washington, DC02:16:19
32Kelly Fredgren49Charlottesville , VA02:17:11
33Lonna Mayer39Fredericksburg , VA02:17:16
34Stacey White46Washington, DC02:17:22
35Laura Digges38Spotsylvania, VA02:17:42
36Kathleen Tepas40Potomac, MD02:18:46
37Kathryn Linehan43Arlington, VA02:19:29
38Carol Cohen38Arlington, VA02:19:40VHTRC
39Kristen Mam36Harrisburg , PA02:19:46
40Louise Bassette27Arlington, VA02:20:10VHTRC
41Laura Bur35Kensington, MD02:20:53
42Victoria Ryan45Spotsylvania, VA02:21:05
43Anne Weaver56Hummelstown, PA02:21:11
44Elayne Chow44Washington, DC02:21:21VHTRC
45Lenore Studt50Columbia, MD02:21:21
46Luisa Blythe34Fairfax, VA02:22:03
47Cathy Ahn40Arlington, VA02:22:10
48Trish Schryver52Atlantic Beach, FL02:22:19
49Jennifer Jayson38Annandale, VA02:22:34
50Jennifer Henry40Gardners, PA02:23:42
51Denise Coll54Alexandria, VA02:23:57VHTRC
52Cathie Lineburg45Winchester, VA02:24:19VHTRC
53Allison Abbe40Leesburg, VA02:24:48VHTRC
54Heather Hochberg46Rockville, MD02:24:50
55Kerry O'Brien41Washington, DC02:25:21
56Kristin Garcia34Springfield, VA02:26:05
57Carolyn Wilson55Winchester, VA02:26:44VHTRC
58Dawn Gray41Burke, VA02:26:52VHTRC
59Jen Page43Arlington, VA02:27:00VHTRC
60Jennifer Charkoudian49Gaithersburg, MD02:27:34
61Katherine Mariska30Burke, VA02:27:46
62Brie Ritchey36Burke, VA02:27:51
63Elizabeth Bollwerk32Charlottesville, VA02:28:07
64Janet Million42Arlington, VA02:28:08
65Darla Gonson51Arlington, VA02:28:55
66Patricia Miller58Hamilton, VA02:28:55VHTRC
67Elizabeth Pennisi60Arlington, VA02:30:39
68Jennifer Tawney35Joppa, MD02:30:45
69Catherine Poole38Rockville, MD02:31:11VHTRC
70Stephanie Devlin-Gill37Bethesda, MD02:31:17
71Stephanie Danahy58Fairfax Stn, VA02:31:35VHTRC
72Lisa Drake57Charlottesville, VA02:31:36
73Jody Pratt41Washington, DC02:32:00
74Amy Bunk49Arlington, VA02:32:13
75Anzhela Knyazeva30Washington, DC02:32:27VHTRC
76Elizabeth Herlevsen43Crozet, VA02:32:54
77Catherine Sweitzer28Washington, DC02:32:55
78Christians Fogg37Kensington, MD02:33:40
79Janet Braunstein49Washington, DC02:33:53
80Linda Henry53Fairfax, VA02:34:08
81Jacqueline Shughart39Forest Hill, MD02:34:09
82Carey Reise39Bel Air, MD02:34:10
83Katie White39Bel Air, MD02:34:11
84Celia Studt23Columbia, MD02:35:08
85Julena Goodell33Fairfax, VA02:35:36
86Christina Stigliani33Arlington, VA02:35:52
87Heather Clark50Crozet, VA02:36:08
88Jenny Burgei33Alexandria , VA02:36:09
89Tania Basom35Alexandria, VA02:36:09
90Valerie Long45Crozet, VA02:36:14
91Christine Purpura38Baltimore, MD02:36:40
92Jennifer Spencer45Fairfax, VA02:37:08
93Tammy Bagdasarian47Fairfax, VA02:37:17
94Elizabeth Guillen29Gaithersburg , MD02:37:34VHTRC
95Jeana Connaughton36Alexandria, VA02:37:38
96Rachel Meier33New York, NY02:37:49
97Charlotte Hyland53Falls Church, VA02:38:15
98Loretta Cataldi47Mechancsville, VA02:38:21VHTRC
99Rebecca Cassilly43Mechanicsville, VA02:38:21
100Melody Balcet38Alexandria, VA02:39:18VHTRC
101Katharine Stillman36Springfield, VA02:39:32
102Julie Kimmel34Reston, VA02:40:12
103Christina Berry45Mechanicsville, VA02:41:43
104Theresa White46Annandale, VA02:41:53
105Carole Williamson54Eldersburg, MD02:43:07VHTRC
106Joan Kelsch52Arlington, VA02:43:25
107Mary Greer57Washington, DC02:43:25
108Helen Stevens44Lorton, VA02:44:00
109Kadie Blaney35Vienna, VA02:44:10
110Sara Leinkram25Arlington, VA02:44:15
111Jacqueline Corcoran52Arlington, VA02:44:48
112Karen Donohue45Rockville, MD02:45:00VHTRC
113Diane Behm38Woodbridge, VA02:45:16VHTRC
114Maureen Roden50Severna Park, MD02:45:31
115Lyn Keller46Severna Park, MD02:45:33
116Laura Holian37Alexandria, VA02:45:47
117Ariel Hayes35Washington, DC02:46:11
118Kathleen Pugh46Washington, DC02:46:11
119Cecily Elliot37Springfield , VA02:46:25
120Laura Falsone52Edgewater, MD02:46:56VHTRC
121Bhadange Prajakta38Ashburn, VA02:47:30
122Katherine Reid49Alexandria, VA02:47:54
123Ellen Rice46Hagerstown, MD02:47:587
124Carrie Drummond41Alexandria, VA02:48:30VHTRC
125Maria Bertacchi51Falls Church, VA02:48:31VHTRC
126Jacqueline Brence45Stafford, VA02:48:35
127Kayla Jackson25Stafford, VA02:48:37
128Jen Sholtis41Locust Grove, VA02:49:07
129Joy Turkal32Durham, NC02:49:07
130Kristi Clement47Mount Airy, MD02:49:42
131Sarah Mccann32Baltimore, MD02:50:21
132Mary Lang61Pasadena, MD02:51:09VHTRC
133Ashley Higginbotham43Crozet, VA02:51:21
134Amanda Parker31Broadlands, VA02:51:58
135Debra Capella46Frederick, MD02:52:13
136Nanette Melton56Westminster, MD02:52:14
137Meg Imholt28Washington, DC02:52:15
138Ann Mabry55Arlington, VA02:52:42
139Lisa Tenley45Silver Spring, MD02:52:54
140Susan Blair48Richmond, VA02:52:54
141Ashley Devereux27Richmond, VA02:53:55
142Molly Devereux23Darnestown, MD02:53:55
143Erin Weaver28Richmond, VA02:54:11
144Kathryn Ferry28Burke, VA02:54:46
145Adrienne Underwood27Gaithersburg, MD02:55:11
146Emily Underwood30Washington, DC02:55:11
147Meghan Smith18Scaggsville, MD02:55:35
148Sydney Zester21Laurel, MD02:55:35
149Sarah Weaver30Rockville, MD02:56:22
150Erryn Neckel30Manassas, VA02:56:45
151Danielle Newman38McLean, VA02:57:23
152Kathy Hennes63Annapolis, MD02:57:29
153Caroline Williams53Arlington, VA02:57:40VHTRC
154Swetha Arbuckle34Alexandria, VA02:58:58
155Dee Allen43Arlington, VA02:59:01
156Megan Tataje43Manassas , VA03:01:05
157Raisa Slepoy50Bethesda, MD03:01:26
158Doranne Pittz31Chantilly, VA03:01:50
159Sarah Thompson39Bel Air, MD03:01:55
160Tina Starkey35Abingdon, MD03:01:55
161Maureen Rohrs59Severna Park, MD03:03:28
162Addie Welch57Annapolis, MD03:03:29VHTRC
163Kate Dowling52Washington, DC03:03:30
164Catherine Lewis36Washington, DC03:04:18
165Angela Heverling39Mt. Rainier, MD03:05:13
166Ellen Henderson-Madhavan35College Park, MD03:05:13
167Kristen Burke44Oak Hill, VA03:05:31
168Prianka Nandy35Washington, DC03:05:37
169Amanda Jury40Springfield , VA03:05:57
170Pamela Gowen63Keymar, MD03:06:06VHTRC
171Ellen Bresnahan50Burke, VA03:06:47
172Jessica Williams28College Park , MD03:06:54
173Zannah Herridge-Meyer26Washington , DC03:06:54
174Martha Smallwood37Springfield, VA03:07:00
175Ashely Poptanycz33Alexandria, VA03:07:07
176Oliva Lopez36Washington, DC03:07:14
177Kristi Craighead46Martinsburg, WV03:07:32
178Nina Singh21McLean, VA03:08:25
179Delia Edelmann63Annapolis, MD03:11:20
180Teresa Ambrosius41Vienna, VA03:13:07
181Kris Swanson44Reston, VA03:13:12VHTRC
182Chrissy Blankenship34Haymarket, VA03:13:18
183Conni Gutierrez42Reston, VA03:14:16
184Patricia Heniff51Washington, DC03:19:08
185Jean Fogarty57Arlington, VA03:19:09
186Helen Klein38Manassas, VA03:23:12
187Trisha Christian50Stafford, VA03:24:16
188Julie Spencer43Baltimore, MD03:26:16
189Sarah Edwards16Falls Church, VA03:26:40
190Challen Edwards49Falls Church, VA03:26:42VHTRC
191Melissa Ni36Vienna, VA03:27:58
192Ronayne Lancaster43Leesburg, VA03:27:58
193Heather Marcel39Crozet, VA03:33:13
194Kathleen Capshaw44Crozet, VA03:33:13
195Sandra Miller35Owings Mills, MD03:35:13
196Kirstin Corris44Washington, DC03:44:22VHTRC
197Allison Holko35Fredericksburg , VA03:44:23VHTRC
198Deborah Lewin48Baltimore, MD03:45:27VHTRC
199Bonnie Jacobs67Berryville, VA03:51:32
200Jill Jacobs48Darnestown, MD03:51:32VHTRC
201Ashley Johnson30Fairfax, VA03:55:42
202Jacqueline Crisci40Springfield, VA04:10:49
203Amber Cerchione32Springfield , VA04:19:35
2015 Women’s Half Marathon Results: Age Group Awards
Group Place Overall Place Name Age Time
Under 20
1147Meghan Smith1802:55:35
2189Sarah Edwards1603:26:40
20 - 24
15Rhea Weaver2401:51:25
284Celia Studt2302:35:08
3142Molly Devereux2302:53:55
4148Sydney Zester2102:55:35
5178Nina Singh2103:08:25
25 - 29
110Rebecca Weast2801:57:06
215Kelly McNulty2602:04:14
327Amy Leinkram2702:09:50
440Louise Bassette2702:20:10
577Catherine Sweitzer2802:32:55
694Elizabeth Guillen2902:37:34
7110Sara Leinkram2502:44:15
8127Kayla Jackson2502:48:37
9137Meg Imholt2802:52:15
10141Ashley Devereux2702:53:55
11143Erin Weaver2802:54:11
12144Kathryn Ferry2802:54:46
13145Adrienne Underwood2702:55:11
14172Jessica Williams2803:06:54
15173Zannah Herridge-Meyer2603:06:54
30 - 34
11Robin Watkins3201:43:21
26Sheila Vibert3301:52:08
39Kristen Metzger3101:56:49
418Amanda Hicks3102:05:19
520Liana Heitin3302:06:02
622Susie Bokermann3302:07:03
725Kris Beckert3302:08:28
829Allie Pesch3202:12:58
946Luisa Blythe3402:22:03
1056Kristin Garcia3402:26:05
1161Katherine Mariska3002:27:46
1263Elizabeth Bollwerk3202:28:07
1375Anzhela Knyazeva3002:32:27
1485Julena Goodell3302:35:36
1586Christina Stigliani3302:35:52
1688Jenny Burgei3302:36:09
1796Rachel Meier3302:37:49
18102Julie Kimmel3402:40:12
19129Joy Turkal3202:49:07
20131Sarah Mccann3202:50:21
21134Amanda Parker3102:51:58
22146Emily Underwood3002:55:11
23149Sarah Weaver3002:56:22
24150Erryn Neckel3002:56:45
25154Swetha Arbuckle3402:58:58
26158Doranne Pittz3103:01:50
27175Ashely Poptanycz3303:07:07
28182Chrissy Blankenship3403:13:18
29201Ashley Johnson3003:55:42
30203Amber Cerchione3204:19:35
35 - 39
12Holly Bugin3601:48:39
23Ann Stanley3901:50:25
34Emily Ferguson3901:50:51
47Kristen Keller3601:53:59
513Laura Chipkin3502:02:26
628Adela Lacopo3502:10:37
730Grace Tran3702:15:14
831Jessica Kenyon3902:16:19
933Lonna Mayer3902:17:16
1035Laura Digges3802:17:42
1138Carol Cohen3802:19:40
1239Kristen Mam3602:19:46
1341Laura Bur3502:20:53
1449Jennifer Jayson3802:22:34
1562Brie Ritchey3602:27:51
1668Jennifer Tawney3502:30:45
1769Catherine Poole3802:31:11
1870Stephanie Devlin-Gill3702:31:17
1978Christians Fogg3702:33:40
2081Jacqueline Shughart3902:34:09
2182Carey Reise3902:34:10
2283Katie White3902:34:11
2389Tania Basom3502:36:09
2491Christine Purpura3802:36:40
2595Jeana Connaughton3602:37:38
26100Melody Balcet3802:39:18
27101Katharine Stillman3602:39:32
28109Kadie Blaney3502:44:10
29113Diane Behm3802:45:16
30116Laura Holian3702:45:47
31117Ariel Hayes3502:46:11
32119Cecily Elliot3702:46:25
33121Bhadange Prajakta3802:47:30
34151Danielle Newman3802:57:23
35159Sarah Thompson3903:01:55
36160Tina Starkey3503:01:55
37164Catherine Lewis3603:04:18
38165Angela Heverling3903:05:13
39166Ellen Henderson-Madhavan3503:05:13
40168Prianka Nandy3503:05:37
41174Martha Smallwood3703:07:00
42176Oliva Lopez3603:07:14
43186Helen Klein3803:23:12
44191Melissa Ni3603:27:58
45193Heather Marcel3903:33:13
46195Sandra Miller3503:35:13
47197Allison Holko3503:44:23
40 - 44
112Simone Sengers4402:01:27
216Deb Cawthorn4402:04:41
321Michelle Andersen4002:06:50
423Jen Norris4402:07:30
526Alisa Springman4002:09:04
636Kathleen Tepas4002:18:46
737Kathryn Linehan4302:19:29
844Elayne Chow4402:21:21
947Cathy Ahn4002:22:10
1050Jennifer Henry4002:23:42
1153Allison Abbe4002:24:48
1255Kerry O'Brien4102:25:21
1358Dawn Gray4102:26:52
1459Jen Page4302:27:00
1564Janet Million4202:28:08
1673Jody Pratt4102:32:00
1776Elizabeth Herlevsen4302:32:54
1899Rebecca Cassilly4302:38:21
19108Helen Stevens4402:44:00
20124Carrie Drummond4102:48:30
21128Jen Sholtis4102:49:07
22133Ashley Higginbotham4302:51:21
23155Dee Allen4302:59:01
24156Megan Tataje4303:01:05
25167Kristen Burke4403:05:31
26169Amanda Jury4003:05:57
27180Teresa Ambrosius4103:13:07
28181Kris Swanson4403:13:12
29183Conni Gutierrez4203:14:16
30188Julie Spencer4303:26:16
31192Ronayne Lancaster4303:27:58
32194Kathleen Capshaw4403:33:13
33196Kirstin Corris4403:44:22
34202Jacqueline Crisci4004:10:49
45 - 49
119Grace Chan4602:05:29
232Kelly Fredgren4902:17:11
334Stacey White4602:17:22
442Victoria Ryan4502:21:05
552Cathie Lineburg4502:24:19
654Heather Hochberg4602:24:50
760Jennifer Charkoudian4902:27:34
874Amy Bunk4902:32:13
979Janet Braunstein4902:33:53
1090Valerie Long4502:36:14
1192Jennifer Spencer4502:37:08
1293Tammy Bagdasarian4702:37:17
1398Loretta Cataldi4702:38:21
14103Christina Berry4502:41:43
15104Theresa White4602:41:53
16112Karen Donohue4502:45:00
17115Lyn Keller4602:45:33
18118Kathleen Pugh4602:46:11
19122Katherine Reid4902:47:54
20123Ellen Rice4602:47:58
21126Jacqueline Brence4502:48:35
22130Kristi Clement4702:49:42
23135Debra Capella4602:52:13
24139Lisa Tenley4502:52:54
25140Susan Blair4802:52:54
26177Kristi Craighead4603:07:32
27190Challen Edwards4903:26:42
28198Deborah Lewin4803:45:27
29200Jill Jacobs4803:51:32
50 - 54
18Sophie Speidel5201:55:34
211Anita Freres5002:00:46
314Monika Bachmann5002:03:27
417Jane Wikman5202:05:10
524Amy Mortimer5002:08:15
645Lenore Studt5002:21:21
748Trish Schryver5202:22:19
851Denise Coll5402:23:57
965Darla Gonson5102:28:55
1080Linda Henry5302:34:08
1187Heather Clark5002:36:08
1297Charlotte Hyland5302:38:15
13105Carole Williamson5402:43:07
14106Joan Kelsch5202:43:25
15111Jacqueline Corcoran5202:44:48
16114Maureen Roden5002:45:31
17120Laura Falsone5202:46:56
18125Maria Bertacchi5102:48:31
19153Caroline Williams5302:57:40
20157Raisa Slepoy5003:01:26
21163Kate Dowling5203:03:30
22171Ellen Bresnahan5003:06:47
23184Patricia Heniff5103:19:08
24187Trisha Christian5003:24:16
55 - 59
143Anne Weaver5602:21:11
257Carolyn Wilson5502:26:44
366Patricia Miller5802:28:55
471Stephanie Danahy5802:31:35
572Lisa Drake5702:31:36
6107Mary Greer5702:43:25
7136Nanette Melton5602:52:14
8138Ann Mabry5502:52:42
9161Maureen Rohrs5903:03:28
10162Addie Welch5703:03:29
11185Jean Fogarty5703:19:09
60 and over
167Elizabeth Pennisi6002:30:39
2132Mary Lang6102:51:09
3152Kathy Hennes6302:57:29
4170Pamela Gowen6303:06:06
5179Delia Edelmann6303:11:20
65 - 69
1199Bonnie Jacobs6703:51:32
2015 Women’s Half Marathon Results: Mother-Daughter Team Competition
Team Combined Time Team 1 Team 2
1Weaver-Rhea04:12:36Anne Weaver 02:21:11Rhea Weaver01:51:25
2Studt04:56:29Lenore Studt02:21:21Celia Studt02:35:08
3Weaver-E rin05:15:22Anne Weaver02:21:11Erin Weaver02:54:11
4Weaver-Sarah05:17:33Anne Weaver02:21:11Sarah Weaver02:56:22
5Jacobs-Ashley06:45:27Jill Jacobs03:51:32Ashley Devere ux02:53:55
6Jacobs-Molly06:45:27Jill Jacobs03:51:32Molly Devereux02:53:55
7Edwards06:53:22 Challen Edwards03:26:42Sarah Edwards03:26:40
8Jacobs-Jill07:43:04Bonnie Jacobs03:51:32Jill Jacobs03:51:32


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