2017 Results

25th Annual
VHTRC Women’s Half Marathon Trail Run
Fountainhead Regional Park, Virginia
Saturday, September 9, 2017
185 starters, 180 finishers

Furbutt the Bear makes his debut.
Furbutt the Bear makes his debut.

The 25th Women’s Half Marathon will go down in race history as “the Furbutt one.” A 5-foot-tall stuffed teddy bear (named after the VHTRC’s logo of a running bear) joined the ranks of silly stuff that racers can pick up at an aid station. Furbutt was an instant classic, with many runners vying for the chance to lug a preposterous plush toy through the final miles of the race. Two women worked in tandem to bring him back home from the Wolf Run Shoals aid station, and then Furbutt hung out at the finish line for the rest of the day, taking selfies with finishers. And he looked good. Damn good.

Also, the weather was ah-maze-ing. We had an autumnal chill before the race with temperatures hovering around 70 in the late morning and sunshine all around. It’s the best weather we’ve had in recent memory, maybe ever.

Unfortunately for many runners, 2017 might also be remembered as “the year with the bees.” Several women reported getting stung repeatedly in the Do Loop. No one had ever seen or heard about bees on this course, so they came out just for you, you lucky thing. Other injuries amounted to the usual scrapes and sprains. It’s not a trail race without ’em. Thanks for being tough out there, ladies.

Mary Hui won the race in 1:41:01.
Mary Hui won the race in 1:41:01.

Mary Hui, who is new to the area, ran away with a first-place finish of 1:41:01. Charlottesville resident Sarah Schubert took second place exactly 60 seconds later, and third-place finisher Erin Williams clocked in at 1:52:05.

Many thanks to our amazing volunteers, who cheered at fully stocked aid stations, marked the sneaky-tough course with flagging ribbon, picked up heavy things (and put them back down somewhere else), smoothed smoothies, hand-delivered pizza at the finish line, pulled shenanigans at Juanita’s Cantina, and much more. Thanks, guys! We couldn't do it without you.

This year's race will be tough to beat. Here's looking at you, 2018!

The 2017 podium: (L to R) Erin Williams, Sarah Schubert, Mary Hui, and Race Director Tracy Dahl.
The 2017 podium: (L to R) Erin Williams, Sarah Schubert, Mary Hui, and Race Director Tracy Dahl.

Happy trails,
Tracy Dahl, race director


Overall | Age Group | Mother-Daughter

2017 Women’s Half Marathon Results: Overall
Place Name Age Home Time VHTRC
1Mary Hui23Washington DC, DC01:41:01
2Sarah Schubert29Charlottesville, VA01:42:01
3Erin Williams43Manquin, VA01:52:05
4Samantha Strong22Arlington, VA01:56:46
5Brienne Thomson34Arlington, VA01:57:18VHTRC
6Samantha Terry27Holly Springs, NC01:57:52
7Anna Staats18Lexington Park, MD01:58:25
8Erin Clark20Crozet, VA01:58:33
9BJ Shannon40Washington, DC01:59:19
10Meagan Denman32Troy, VA01:59:38
11Sophie Speidel54Charlottesville, VA01:59:57VHTRC
12Vanessa Veiock30Fairfax, VA02:01:15
13Nina Zegler24McLean, VA02:02:21
14Heather Moldofsky22Fairfax, VA02:02:25
15Laura Chipkin37Arlington, VA02:02:34
16Heather Schaffer46Potomac Falls, VA02:06:01
17Amanda Melillo36Washington, DC02:06:11
18Diane Martin26Washington, DC02:06:16
19Hillary Wagstaff29Durham, NC02:08:17
20Alisa Springman42Front Royal, VA02:09:53VHTRC
21Meg Gray38Herndon, VA02:09:53
22Kim O'Brien45Potomac Falls, VA02:10:48
23Daisy Weill29Washington, DC02:11:57VHTRC
24Angela Skeeles-Worley36Charlottesville, VA02:12:35
25Erica Raggio26Alexandria, VA02:13:46
26Katharine Stillman37Springfield, VA02:14:35
27Barbara Young43Burke, VA02:14:37
28Hanna Wardlaw35Lorton, VA02:14:47
29Elisha Cook35Chesapeake, VA02:15:02
30Sara Forney31Brooklyn, NY02:15:20
31Anna Read32Washington, DC02:15:28
32Eliza Aierstuck24Washington, DC02:15:32
33Sarah Benson37Charlottesville, VA02:15:41
34Carolyn Wilson57Millwood, VA02:16:23VHTRC
35Rachel Audant22Arlington, VA02:17:37
36Amanda Owensby22Charlottesville, VA02:17:55
37Peggy Dickison57Bethesda, MD02:18:07
38Christiana Fogg39Kensington, MD02:18:38VHTRC
39Lauren Smith26Washington, DC02:19:18
40Audrey Fincher59Silver Spring, MD02:19:54VHTRC
41Lindsey Bachman34Alexandria, VA02:20:15
42Nicki Post36Alexandria, VA02:21:13
43Keri Lewis43Alexandria, VA02:21:50
44Leah Pan35Washington, DC02:23:20VHTRC
45Louise Bassette29Arlington, VA02:23:21VHTRC
46Jennifer Henry42Gardners, PA02:23:24
47Janel Bertram43Fredericksburg, VA02:23:25
48Laura Linville39Alexandria, VA02:23:28
49Lisa Coughlin37Alexandria, VA02:24:08
50Thelma Cardoso37Edinburg, VA02:24:27VHTRC
51April Schmidt37Warrenton, VA02:25:05
52Jennifer Vasil42Washington, DC02:25:19
53Amanda Blondeau35Charlottesville, VA02:25:57
54Charlene Staats54Lexington Park, MD02:26:29
55Emily Franklin41Cabin John, MD02:26:40
56Loel Romeo53Sykesville, MD02:27:00VHTRC
57Julie Kelly48Fairfax, VA02:28:11
58Suzie King47Lanexa, VA02:28:20
59Celia Studt25Silver Spring, MD02:28:38
60Lenore Studt52Columbia, MD02:28:38
61Caroline Brosius49Washington, DC02:28:48
62Charmaine Reed48Springfield, VA02:28:54
63Tania Basom37Alexandria, VA02:28:54
64Lindsey Romeo27Sykesville, MD02:28:56
65Ellen White23Alexandria, VA02:29:19
66Nancy Moldofsky61Worcester, PA02:29:25
67Corinne Hoogakker26Washington, DC02:29:45
68Sonia Jarboe39Alexandria, VA02:29:47
69Shannon Novack37Annandale, VA02:32:22
70Maureen Rohrs61Severna Park, MD02:32:37VHTRC
71Kerry O'Brien43Washington, DC02:32:58
72Catherine Miller-Little33Dallas, TX02:33:03
73Beverly Childress51Alexandria, VA02:33:10
74Lindsay Tobias21Lynchburg, VA02:33:29
75Yarazeth Martinez30Alexandria, VA02:33:30
76Heather Clark52Crozet, VA02:33:35
77Brenda Morris51Worcester, MA02:33:42
78Sally Tobias27Fairfax Station, VA02:34:02
79Hillary Szalach31Manassas, VA02:34:12
80Alexis Sappenfield44Spotsylvania, VA02:34:29
81Jen Sholtis43Locust Grove, VA02:34:29
82Laura Digges40Spotsylvania, VA02:34:29
83Mary Manion20Front Royal, VA02:34:29
84Victoria Ryan47Spotsylvania, VA02:34:29
85Liz Hanners63Henrico, VA02:34:48
86Cortney Higgins38Washington, DC02:35:22
87Vevy Sisson41Oakton, VA02:36:59
88Lexa Laing-Phlegar45Woodbridge, VA02:37:16
89Bonnie Berkowitz52Oakton, VA02:37:22
90Jennifer Spencer47Fairfax, VA02:37:51
91Nicole Whitehead43Barboursville, VA02:37:56
92Chrissy Kutassy26Charlottesville, VA02:37:59
93Liana Granum37Glen Allen, VA02:38:05
94Eileen Gaughran43Alexandria, VA02:38:13
95Natasha Hayward19Chevy Chase, MD02:38:32
96Claire Gallagher20Haddonfield, NJ02:38:42
97Christina Franz57Silver Spring, MD02:39:26
98Julie Robinson46Marshall, VA02:39:54
99Christina Stigliani35Arlington, VA02:41:14
100Kate Crawford40Woodbridge, VA02:41:54
101Karen Audant56Arlington, VA02:44:12
102Erin Omahen24Arlington, VA02:45:06
103Lisa Kolas36Leesburg, VA02:45:26
104Jill Desjean43Silver Spring, MD02:45:33
105Ellen Kugler51Leesburg, VA02:45:45
106Carrie Drummond43Alexandria, VA02:46:13VHTRC
107Amy Howe46Chevy Chase, MD02:46:26
108Jacqueline Brence46Stafford, VA02:46:30
109Alexandra Dahlgren37Maidens, VA02:46:53
110Lisa Wallace37Charlottesville, VA02:46:53
111Lorraine Heilman47Silver Spring, MD02:47:27
112Darcy Gruttadaro56Arlington, VA02:48:11
113Marwa Elsayed44Arlington, VA02:48:27VHTRC
114Diane Behm40Manassas, VA02:48:28VHTRC
115Mary Greer59Washington, DC02:48:38
116Marion Divers40Pittsburgh, PA02:49:06
117Jennifer Rellis42Washington, DC02:49:07
118Prajakta Bhadange40Ashburn, VA02:50:32
119Catherine Lewis38Washington, DC02:51:21
120Carole Williamson56Eldersburg, MD02:51:40VHTRC
121Melissa Polito47Silver Spring, MD02:51:48
122Lisa Tenley47Silver Spring, MD02:51:52
123Anna Pollack38Arlington, VA02:51:55
124Kathy Hennes65Annapolis, MD02:52:07
125Victoria Sievers33Alexandria, VA02:52:40
126Jasmine Cardoso19Edinburg, VA02:53:15
127Nanette Melton58Westminster, MD02:53:40
128Cheryl Crain53Germantown, MD02:53:53
129Elizabeth Guertin43Washington, DC02:54:07
130Loretta Cataldi49Mechanicsville, VA02:54:21VHTRC
131Victoria Earls36Washington, DC02:56:05
132Jennifer Thomas50Washington, DC02:56:22
133Mahasin El-Amin35Clinton, MD02:56:51
134Meredith Shaw31Arlington, VA02:56:52VHTRC
135Grace Tran39Dayton, MD02:59:05
136Jennifer Venter30Crownsville, MD02:59:09
137Carla Reed31Arlington, VA02:59:50
138Meghan Smith20Scaggsville, MD03:01:42
139Jennifer Anderson41Albuquerque, NM03:03:54
140Amy Yancey47Charlottesville, VA03:04:44
141Connie Leonard44Conowingo, MD03:05:45
142Peyton Zeek31Fairfax, VA03:06:24
143Smita Gokhale52Rockville, ME03:07:42
144Danielle Newman40McLean, VA03:07:58
145Catherine Rehm60Gaithersburg, MD03:08:04
146Suzie Moss48Chevy Chase, MD03:08:09
147Trisha Christian52Stafford, VA03:08:44
148Sarah Girard37Annandale, VA03:12:01
149Michele McLeod59Olney, MD03:12:57VHTRC
150Sophie McLeod18Olney, MD03:12:57
151Joanna French32Mechanicsville, VA03:14:30
152Amanda Parker33Broadlands, VA03:15:05
153Pamela Kolbosky47Falls Church, VA03:15:56
154Aanalise Keeney33Alexandria, VA03:16:10
155Bernadette Kilcer40Brandywine, MD03:16:10VHTRC
156Amanda Huff49Richmond, VA03:17:54
157Michele Watson50Locust Grove, VA03:19:15
158Susan Hyde55Leesburg, VA03:19:16
159Carolina Diez51Springfield, VA03:19:29VHTRC
160Madhavi Gundavelli37Ashburn, VA03:19:51
161Victoria Carroll38Durham, NC03:24:44
162Anne Kathrin Eiselt32Sterling, VA03:27:23
163Donna Corneliussen35Lovettsville, VA03:27:23
164Jaime Grauel48Eldersburg, MD03:30:26
165Katie Burke39Bel Air, MD03:30:38VHTRC
166Jacqueline Diaz42Vienna, VA03:33:15
167Rebecca Aloisi40Vienna, VA03:33:16
168Kathleen McMackin63Millersville, MD03:33:18
169Kristin Cashman44Springfield, DC03:36:19
170Martha Smallwood38Springfield, VA03:38:23
171Mary Jo Howser59Abingdon, MD03:38:28
172Helen Mayberry58Springfield, VA03:39:37
173Shelly Hillebrand54Nottingham, MD03:40:06
174Stephanie Motal-Nguyen36Fairfax, VA03:40:50
175Kari Anderson56Woodbridge, VA03:54:02VHTRC
176Megan Tataje45Manassas, VA03:55:14
177Ronda Gilbert38Fairfax, VA03:55:14
178Ella Berkowitz59McLean, VA04:00:55
179Christine Peck53Annandale, VA04:03:30
180Sandra Boris45Vienna, VA04:03:30
2017 Women’s Half Marathon Results: Age Group Awards
Group Place Overall Place Name Age Time
15 – 19
17Anna Staats1801:58:25
295Natasha Hayward1902:38:32
3126Jasmine Cardoso1902:53:15
4150Sophie McLeod1803:12:57
20 - 24
11Mary Hui2301:41:01
24Samantha Strong2201:56:46
38Erin Clark2001:58:33
413Nina Zegler2402:02:21
514Heather Moldofsky2202:02:25
632Eliza Aierstuck2402:15:32
735Rachel Audant2202:17:37
836Amanda Owensby2202:17:55
965Ellen White2302:29:19
1074Lindsay Tobias2102:33:29
1183Mary Manion2002:34:29
1296Claire Gallagher2002:38:42
13102Erin Omahen2402:45:06
14138Meghan Smith2003:01:42
25 - 29
12Sarah Schubert2901:42:01
26Samantha Terry2701:57:52
318Diane Martin2602:06:16
419Hillary Wagstaff2902:08:17
523Daisy Weill2902:11:57
625Erica Raggio2602:13:46
739Lauren Smith2602:19:18
845Louise Bassette2902:23:21
959Celia Studt2502:28:38
1064Lindsey Romeo2702:28:56
1167Corinne Hoogakker2602:29:45
1278Sally Tobias2702:34:02
1392Chrissy Kutassy2602:37:59
30 - 34
15Brienne Thomson3401:57:18
210Meagan Denman3201:59:38
312Vanessa Veiock3002:01:15
430Sara Forney3102:15:20
531Anna Read3202:15:28
641Lindsey Bachman3402:20:15
772Catherine Miller-Little3302:33:03
875Yarazeth Martinez3002:33:30
979Hillary Szalach3102:34:12
10125Victoria Sievers3302:52:40
11134Meredith Shaw3102:56:52
12136Jennifer Venter3002:59:09
13137Carla Reed3102:59:50
14142Peyton Zeek3103:06:24
15151Joanna French3203:14:30
16152Amanda Parker3303:15:05
17154Aanalise Keeney3303:16:10
18162Anne Kathrin Eiselt3203:27:23
35 - 39
115Laura Chipkin3702:02:34
217Amanda Melillo3602:06:11
321Meg Gray3802:09:53
424Angela Skeeles-Worley3602:12:35
526Katharine Stillman3702:14:35
628Hanna Wardlaw3502:14:47
729Elisha Cook3502:15:02
833Sarah Benson3702:15:41
938Christiana Fogg3902:18:38
1042Nicki Post3602:21:13
1144Leah Pan3502:23:20
1248Laura Linville3902:23:28
1349Lisa Coughlin3702:24:08
1450Thelma Cardoso3702:24:27
1551April Schmidt3702:25:05
1653Amanda Blondeau3502:25:57
1763Tania Basom3702:28:54
1868Sonia Jarboe3902:29:47
1969Shannon Novack3702:32:22
2086Cortney Higgins3802:35:22
2193Liana Granum3702:38:05
2299Christina Stigliani3502:41:14
23103Lisa Kolas3602:45:26
24109Alexandra Dahlgren3702:46:53
25110Lisa Wallace3702:46:53
26119Catherine Lewis3802:51:21
27123Anna Pollack3802:51:55
28131Victoria Earls3602:56:05
29133Mahasin El-Amin3502:56:51
30135Grace Tran3902:59:05
31148Sarah Girard3703:12:01
32160Madhavi Gundavelli3703:19:51
33161Victoria Carroll3803:24:44
34163Donna Corneliussen3503:27:23
35165Katie Burke3903:30:38
36170Martha Smallwood3803:38:23
37174Stephanie Motal-Nguyen3603:40:50
38177Ronda Gilbert3803:55:14
40 - 44
13Erin Williams4301:52:05
29BJ Shannon4001:59:19
320Alisa Springman4202:09:53
427Barbara Young4302:14:37
543Keri Lewis4302:21:50
646Jennifer Henry4202:23:24
747Janel Bertram4302:23:25
852Jennifer Vasil4202:25:19
955Emily Franklin4102:26:40
1071Kerry O'Brien4302:32:58
1180Alexis Sappenfield4402:34:29
1281Jen Sholtis4302:34:29
1382Laura Digges4002:34:29
1487Vevy Sisson4102:36:59
1591Nicole Whitehead4302:37:56
1694Eileen Gaughran4302:38:13
17100Kate Crawford4002:41:54
18104Jill Desjean4302:45:33
19106Carrie Drummond4302:46:13
20113Marwa Elsayed4402:48:27
21114Diane Behm4002:48:28
22116Marion Divers4002:49:06
23117Jennifer Rellis4202:49:07
24118Prajakta Bhadange4002:50:32
25129Elizabeth Guertin4302:54:07
26139Jennifer Anderson4103:03:54
27141Connie Leonard4403:05:45
28144Danielle Newman4003:07:58
29155Bernadette Kilcer4003:16:10
30166Jacqueline Diaz4203:33:15
31167Rebecca Aloisi4003:33:16
32169Kristin Cashman4403:36:19
45 - 49
116Heather Schaffer4602:06:01
222Kim O'Brien4502:10:48
357Julie Kelly4802:28:11
458Suzie King4702:28:20
561Caroline Brosius4902:28:48
662Charmaine Reed4802:28:54
784Victoria Ryan4702:34:29
888Lexa Laing-Phlegar4502:37:16
990Jennifer Spencer4702:37:51
1098Julie Robinson4602:39:54
11107Amy Howe4602:46:26
12108Jacqueline Brence4602:46:30
13111Lorraine Heilman4702:47:27
14121Melissa Polito4702:51:48
15122Lisa Tenley4702:51:52
16130Loretta Cataldi4902:54:21
17140Amy Yancey4703:04:44
18146Suzie Moss4803:08:09
19153Pamela Kolbosky4703:15:56
20156Amanda Huff4903:17:54
21164Jaime Grauel4803:30:26
22176Megan Tataje4503:55:14
23180Sandra Boris4504:03:30
50 - 54
111Sophie Speidel5401:59:57
254Charlene Staats5402:26:29
356Loel Romeo5302:27:00
460Lenore Studt5202:28:38
573Beverly Childress5102:33:10
676Heather Clark5202:33:35
777Brenda Morris5102:33:42
889Bonnie Berkowitz5202:37:22
9105Ellen Kugler5102:45:45
10128Cheryl Crain5302:53:53
11132Jennifer Thomas5002:56:22
12143Smita Gokhale5203:07:42
13147Trisha Christian5203:08:44
14157Michele Watson5003:19:15
15159Carolina Diez5103:19:29
16173Shelly Hillebrand5403:40:06
17179Christine Peck5304:03:30
55 - 59
134Carolyn Wilson5702:16:23
237Peggy Dickison5702:18:07
340Audrey Fincher5902:19:54
497Christina Franz5702:39:26
5101Karen Audant5602:44:12
6112Darcy Gruttadaro5602:48:11
7115Mary Greer5902:48:38
8120Carole Williamson5602:51:40
9127Nanette Melton5802:53:40
10149Michele McLeod5903:12:57
11158Susan Hyde5503:19:16
12171Mary Jo Howser5903:38:28
13172Helen Mayberry5803:39:37
14175Kari Anderson5603:54:02
15178Ella Berkowitz5904:00:55
60 - 64
166Nancy Moldofsky6102:29:25
270Maureen Rohrs6102:32:37
385Liz Hanners6302:34:48
4145Catherine Rehm6003:08:04
5168Kathleen McMackin6303:33:18
65 - 69
1124Kathy Hennes6502:52:07
2017 Women’s Half Marathon Results: Mother-Daughter Team Competition
Team Combined Time Mother Daughter
1Staats4:24:54Charlene Staats2:26:29Anna Staats1:58:25
2Moldofsky4:31:50Nancy Moldofsky2:29:25Heather Moldofsky2:02:25
3Clark4:32:08Heather Clark2:33:35Erin Clark1:58:33
4Romeo4:55:56Loel Romeo2:27:00Lindsey Romeo2:28:56
5Studt4:57:16Lenore Studt2:28:38Celia Studt2:28:38
6Audant5:01:49Karen Audant2:44:12Rachel Audant2:17:37
7Berkowitz-Zegler6:03:16Ella Berkowitz4:00:55Nina Zegler2:02:21
8McLeod6:25:54Michele McLeod3:12:57Sophie McLeod3:12:57


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Third place finisher, Erin Williams, has posted a report on her blog.

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