A Personal Thank You

from Bunny Runyan

Bunny RunyanTo everyone who participated in the MMT this past weekend, I want to say this is an amazing experience. The runners' challenge of completing 100 miles in under 36 hours remains the purpose, of course, but, for someone like myself who goes to support them, I must admit to a selfish reason. I loved this weekend for the opportunity to meet all the fantastic people who were there. Just being there gave me that opportunity.

I have always felt that the accomplishments of ultrarunners deserve more recognition in the world of sport. However when I expressed that position, I was challenged by one of the internationally accomplished runners who said …no…. thank you very much, but he/they…. (the Runners) prefer the low key atmosphere of the ultrarunning world. So be it! Nevertheless, I can still be impressed!

So, I will thank all of you for allowing me to be a part of it. To the VHTRC who worked tirelessly ( although for most of you, I am sure exhaustion did set in on Sunday night), To Ed Demoney for recognizing every runner at the closing ceremony (I assume this is standard….but very cool. They are all heros.) And I have to comment on Gary Knipling's classy comments on winning the Senior award. To Christine and John and all the radio guys/gals who gave a weekend without sleep … To Valerie Meyer who must have been seeing double after looking at her laptop for hours on end… and again NO sleep. These were some of the people I worked with. This is my third year at MMT as a volunteer and it was the BEST one yet. I plan to return if you let me…..I enjoyed every minute. Oh… I have to mention the feeling of working the finish line…It was incredible. Especially being there in the dark early morning hours when Courtney and Greg and Evan arrived.

    Thank you all.. …. Bunny Runyan