A Thank You to MMT Volunteers from Ed Demoney

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Photo: Ed DemoneyI want you to know that I take full responsibility for the great weather last weekend. It was only fitting considering we had a record breaking field of 131 runners. We had a record breaking number of finishers at 82 thanks to your fantastic efforts. Hard work and long hours seem to come naturally to MMT 100 volunteers, and it paid off with nothing but compliments from the runners you served on Saturday and Sunday.

The aid stations get better and better every year. I am amazed at the improvement that has occurred with generators, almost more than enough volunteers, quality recordkeeping and all the "special effects" for the competitors. With Bill Sublett delivering the goods and Bill Van Antwerp making sure everyone was accounted for, the situation was well in hand throughout the event.

The Skyline Ranch Resort proved to be a good host as usual. Forest Service representatives assisted our operations in fine fashion. Under the guidance of John Roberts, Virginia RACES provided terrific radio support as they did last year. Seeing RACES operate makes me confident we have competent communications available should an emergency arise in that area of Virginia.

Speaking of communications. Valerie Meyer accomplished even more this year than in 2001. Online reports and quickly produced splits are especially desired by the public, and they were there for the reading. I had final race results about two minutes after the last runner crossed the finish line - makes it easy to hand out the awards.

As usual, course markings were praised by the runners. Scotty and his team did a masterful job including remarking trails adversely affected by vandalism, putting up the chem lights, sweeping the course and getting the streamers/chem lights down after the race.

A new wrinkle this year was the participation by the SCCARC. Perhaps you noticed the Red Cross vehicle on the course as it provided many services including first aid and rescue transportation. Bob Blair even saw a bear and Kevin Black, a major player in the program, was one of our finishers.

I certainly want to repeat my thanks to Anstr Davidson, Scott Mills and John Roberts for their leadership with aid stations, course marking and communications. They provide the key skills necessary for an outstanding MMT. I don't think we can do any better next year - but I know they will try to do even better.

A reminder - the volunteer party is June 8, and I can't be there since I'll be providing support for the OD 100 Mile Ride. The OD Ride organization provides volunteers for our run, and we help with its ride. Also, OD Ride volunteers are working hard on relocating the Habron Gap Trail. We can look forward to a much better climb up Habron in 2003. The new trail should be finished next month.

One problem that did develop this year was participation by more volunteers than expected - not really a problem; however, we unexpectedly ran short of t-shirts. We will obtain additional t-shirts and may have them available for the volunteer party.

Please take time to look at the results and photos of the 2002 MMT 100 Mile Run on the web site. Many cameras were on the course so there should be lots of great photos. We will also post emails from runners for your viewing, both the compliments and runner stories.

Thanks again,


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Photo: Gap Creek Gang

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