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MMT 2003 Volunteers

A very special "thank you" to all who worked to make the 2003 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler the great success that it was. Many people toiled long hours, had little sleep, and made great personal sacrifices to ensure that the event was successful. Your efforts were not unappreciated! Here is just a sampling of the many expressions of thanks that we recieved from the runners.

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2003 MMT Report Page

Messages from Runners

I should have sent this a week ago, but I just have to say thanks to all the volunteers and organizers at MMT. As runners, we tend to forget all the hard work and preparation that makes our day possible. I know that many people spent countless hours for weeks and days before the race getting everything in order. The aid stations at MMT are some of the best I have ever encountered, mainly because of the tireless efforts of the aid station crews. THANK YOU! Also, I want to express my gratitude to Scott Mills and his course marking crew. I never had any problems finding my way, which says a lot considering my mental capacities at 3 am! He is probably more worn out after the weekend than the runners are and his efforts are greatly appreciated. It is a humbling experience to have friends and strangers alike encourage you along such a tough journey as MMT. The volunteers are there exclusively for US and we should always be grateful. I know I am! Thank you, Ed Demoney, for organizing such a classy event and to the entire VHTRC group which makes it possible year after year! You all ROCK!

To all the volunteers: you are unbelievable. I thought about how much each of you gave over the weekend many times while running around the course. For starters most of you drove a few hours each way, reported to an aide station where you worked for many, many hours and then in the mud and rain, did everything you could to help us runners. Everyone was so helpfull, upbeat, friendly and enthusiastic. Then I know many of you worked double shifts, some after working an aide station helped pace runners in, some took care of the wounded, some I saw throughout the entire race working several aide stations. Many worked behind the scenes, like Bill Sublet who for several years now, takes care to get all the drop bgs to each station and then back the ranch at the end. You all are wonderfull and it sure makes it fun to see so many friendly faces.

All the coordinators, course markers, race personnel: what you accomplished is remarkable. I think what the VHTRC pulls off each year at Massanutten should be a model for any running club. It is hard for me to believe when I start to think of all that goes into this event. Marking a course for 100 miles up and down the mountains with ribbons and glow sticks, providing live web updates at each aide station, working with a radio operator's club, working with the Skyline Ranch, working with rangers and the community, the sponsors, and on and on. To me, some might expect a full time staff to make all of this happen and the results seem like a full time staff was involved. For just a little over 100 some runners, we sure got a great race.

Ed and everyone: you put on the best 100 mile race!!

Hello folks,

I too would like to echo [others's] "Thanks" to the VHTRC race organizers and the volunteer support for this past weekend's MMT. Everything runs so smoothly and it's their support that gives us runners the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy a weekend of running in the woods. I feel very lucky to be able to enjoy these experiences and I cannot express my thanks enough for making it possible - from smooth registration and information dissemination, to the course markings, to the wonderful all-you-can-eat buffets at all of the aid stations. It is no wonder that I ended up gaining weight after completing the race - I just could not pass up all those delicious culinary experiences! Thanks to everyone who volunteered. I had a wonderful weekend thanks to your support!

I would like to add my appreciation and thanks to the fine folks at VHTRC for an unforgettable 1st 100-mile run experience. I will never forget turning that last corner and seeing the finish line - the image is burned in my memory. I can't imagine picking a better 100-miler for a first attempt (despite the rain, rocks, chaffing, and balloon-like feet). Congrats to Jon Whitehead who could've used a little caffeine on Short Mtn. but doesn't know how to Tom Corris who I knew would finish on account of he was a "Chocolate Bunny Run" Scott Brockmeier who I met 2 yrs. ago at David Horton's MMTR50 and had what can only be described as a fantastic Deb Pero, John Prohira, "Big" Al Kerchner, and Phil the Swamp Dog from Norfolk for your outstanding finishes (enjoyed running with you guys at various times).. and lastly to "Woody" for outstanding performance by a member of the canine species.

Thanks to all the aid station folks who put 4-star hotel service people to shame.

My wife, who paced me on Short Mtn. saved me a souvenir rock she picked up somewhere along that trail and marked it "MMT 100, May 2003" with permanent ink. It is the heaviest, densest, most solid piece of rock I have ever held. I guess that says it all.


Thank you for a wonderful experience at the MMT 100. You and the rest of your team are a class act. I would like to put a "thank you" note to all the volunteers . . .

Wow, what can I say? I ran my first (and I swore on Sunday my last) Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 this past weekend. This is one first class event from start to finish. The VHTRC is one of the most active running clubs around and I can't imagine better ultrarun hosts. The event went off like clockwork and the volunteers! What an amazing group of people to endure hours and hours of rain yet maintain the most cheerful, supportive, and helpful attitude imaginable. You would approach an aid station and you'd hear the call go out "Runner coming!" Then they would practically snatch the bottles from your hand to refill them, asking what else you need and if you had a drop bag, and "Could we get it for you." "Can I make you a sandwich? Would you like some soup? The hot quesadillas are right there." Unbelievable. If you haven't done it already - run a VHTRC event and you'll see what I mean. Thanks so much for an incredible course, Ed and thanks to everyone else who made the weekend run so smoothly.

I just wanted to thank you for putting on such an awesome race, once again this year. I heard that you are giving that up to Marge and Stan.

Your idea of reading the names of each of the finishers is especially wonderful, after all, even if you are the dead last person coming in, you STILL finished the incredible distance, and should therefore be recognized.

Thanks again for all you've done for so many runners. Thank you for inspiring me, and encouraging me through your example. [We] truly enjoy this special group of people.

Have a wonderful day.

It was my great pleasure be on crew duty at Massanutten. Congrats to all MMT finishers and visitors alike. What an incredible race. The runners and volunteers are all amazing. I was in awe of everyone who crossed the finish line having witnessed from many points along the course what they endured. Congratulations to Scott for a strong performance. After seeing those rocks, I don't know if I have the guts to subject myself to this yet...

As many of you heard at the awards ceremony the MMT last weekend was my first 100 and first time running in the USA - after getting advice from Jeff W and others on the list that Massanutten was a good one to choose.

I arrived back home in England yesterday and just wanted to pass on my thanks to everyone associated with the race this year:

- to Ed and his wife Rosalie for their wonderful hospitality
- to all the volunteers who manned the start/finish and aid stations. I didn't have the luxury of a crew or pacer - but the encouragement given at all the stations and the service they provided made up for this many times over.
- to the other runners - the camaraderie between the competitors was second to none compared to any other event I've taken part in. With a special mention to Harry Bruell, who allowed me to leach off his light on the first climb before dawn, and to Aaron Schwatzbard who I played cat and mouse with for about 40 miles (passing him on the ups and being passed by him on the downs) - I'm only sorry his sore feet towards the end slowed him so we couldn't see our battle out through the finish line.
- to the guys and girls that marked out the course - great job - navigation is always a worry in a wilderness are you don't know - but no problems at MMT.
- to everyone else that made me feel so welcome on my first visit to Virginia.

I definitely made the right choice in going to MMT for my first 100. I'm delighted that I achieved my goal of getting to the finish - and in much better shape than I expected - because I was running into the unknown in more ways than one. But you guys all played a massive part in enabling my achievement! Many many thanks!!

I'll definitely be competing in the USA again and will return to MMT one day (provided you can put on some great British weather again!)

If any of you are ever in the north of England and want to hit the trails be sure to give me a call.

Kind regards

Andy Brooks
Derbyshire, England


In this sport I am constantly amazed! Amazed at the dedication of the folks who run, the folks who crew and support and amazed with those incredible folks who supply aid and admin efforts to allow the events to be held. THANKS!

MMT this year was fantastic yet again showcasing exactly how an ultra is supposed to be done. I can't thank you all enough.

Getting to talk to many of my friends and VHTRC folks made it a special weekend and running with some legends and soon to be legends of our sport was a special treat. Thanks for letting me tag along.

Personally I found out just how important "sport specific training" really is, as my punny 160-200mile months with 22 mile saturday flat ROAD runs left me well short of the finish line on a course like MMT. Sure it rained for 9 of the 10 hours I was out there, yes it was muddy, but the footing and HILLS are something I simply could not handle on the training (flat roads)I put in.

So for the first time I DNF'd with out a feeling of utter failure.(I'm now 12 for 17 in 100's) I didn't start to quick, run beyond my fitness, or eat/drink poorly. I just was not prepared. But, you can bet I'll be back.

HHMMMMM I guess I gotta start running stairs in some tall building in this smoggy city......

Gotta recover Gosh I am sore!!!!!!!

Congrats to all of you Mass-o-nuttin nuts out there!

Another word of huge thanks to all those who volunteered at MMT! What an amazing event and such dedicated volunteers. I think the rain was easier on the runners than the volunteers and deeply appreciate all of the support. Congratulations to all who finished and all who had the courage to start. Everyone who participated and volunteered is a champion to me!

Ed et al.,

I have to echo all that has been said. I felt badly about stopping at Gap Creek but the suffering would have been more than I was willing to suffer on Saturday. I actually feel badly about not getting to all the aid stations because of the effort that the volunteers went through to help us, especially Stan and Margie, who saved me some barbecue which I never got to enjoy. And again, I didn't get to enjoy Brenda's potato soup. Do you think that next year, I could just drive around from aid station to aid station and enjoy the food without having to beat the crap out of my feet just to enjoy all your hospitality. The MMT has to be the best organized and well produced event in the country.

Ed (and others),

I had a wonderful time with all of you this past weekend. It was a completely awesome experience!

The trails were well marked. The aid stations were well stocked and were a welcome site as I covered each section of the course. I enjoyed the rocks, the muck, the rain and the lightning.

You all did an outstanding job and if circumstances allow, I will be training on that course in the months leading up to next year's race. Short Mountain and I have a date for May, 2004:)

Special thanks to Brian (O'Neil? McNeil?) for the encouragement to go a bit further. Special thanks also to Anne at the Visitor's Center for the ride back to the ranch.

Race in Peace,

Hi Everyone,

I know this listserv will probably be flooded with thank you messages over the coming days but I figured one more could not hurt.

This was my first MMT and I understand now why everyone raves about the event. It was amazing. The volunteers were everywhere, the food at the aid station was delicious -- especially the soup -- and the course was very well marked.

To Ed, Scott, Anstr, all the aid station captains, and everyone who volunteered: Thank you.

Happy Trails,

I want to thank Ed Demoney, Anstr Davidson, Scotty Mills and the rest of the VHTRC and their volunteers for another excellent race. If you want a tough 100 miler with the best markings, the best food and the best camaraderie, the MMT 100 is where you should be on the second weekend in May. I know I'll be back. Misery does love company.

2003 MMT Report Page

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Volunteers at Gap Creek

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