A Thank You to MMT Volunteers from Ed Demoney

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To the MMT Team:

Photo: Ed DemoneyThe 2003 MMT 100 could not have been better even if it rained most of the day and early evening on Saturday. Somehow, our runners managed to have a great time, the main reason being wonderful, caring aid stations with all the other amenities that went along with the race.

Thanks to all of you, I was mostly a spectator throughout Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed myself watching the ongoing competition between Tom Nielsen and his pursuers who eventually dwindled to just one, Robin Kane. Robin made Tom earn his first place finish. Sue Johnston did the same with Bethany Hunter. I was expecting a much slower finish time for both of them, but they pushed and pushed and pushed each other to record breaking performances on what was not a fast track - both must be mudders.

Please accept my thanks for exceptional efforts last weekend. Registration was better than ever. Those attending the briefing enjoyed the chance to win prizes from our sponsors. As usual, the Skyline Ranch Resort was an outstanding host and provided dinner, breakfast and soup on Sunday.

There has been nothing but praise for our aid stations, and a debt of gratitude is due Anstr Davidson for putting it all together. It was hard to believe the party atmosphere with the deluge day and night. Gap Creek and Powells Fort were unbelievable. I can remember when Powells Fort was done out of the trunk of a car and Gap Creek was a car on the Crisman Hollow Road. Times have changed for the better and the main impetus has been VHTRC organized by Chris Scott more than a decade ago.

Likewise, Scott Mills' course marking, chem light placement and sweeps were magnificent. Scotty and his team get better every year. They marked much of the course more than once, insistent that the MMT be the best marked 100 miler in 2003. I hope you liked their flexibility with appropriate changes on the course, especially near the end. Runners did not suddenly need to be triathletes as they approached the Elizabeth Furnace Aid Station. Passage Creek was about as high as any of us have seen it. I bet no runner missed the stream crossings in the last two miles. And all the markings were taken down race weekend.

John Roberts' provided excellent communications as usual and gave cadets an opportunity to learn something about emergency communications. We are fortunate to have had John as our organizer the past three years and need someone to step up and take his place in 2004. Radio traffic seemed almost silent at times this year. Who needs emergencies?

The finish line seemed more lively than usual this year. Was that due to the rain? At least it cleared off so there was a crowd to welcome finishing runners. We actually had a higher finish rate than normal with 71 finishers out of 117 starters. Bunny did a marvelous job at the finish line. Valerie was a wizard with results, splits and internet updates, assisted by Anstr and our radio group of course.

Bill Sublett and Bill Van Antwerp again performed magnificently. Their talents are not in the limelight but the MMT would not be a safe and sane event without their valuable contributions. Like many others, they got very little sleep but came through with flying colors, rain or shine.

It was my privilege this year to have two faithful assistants from early Friday morning to late Sunday night. Vicki Kendall and Bryon Powell made sure the Pennske was loaded Friday morning and unloaded Sunday evening. In between they were everywhere, helping at aid stations, pacing and sweeping. Hopefully, they got some sleep somewhere last weekend.

We really benefit from the Forest Service reps that go out of their way to make sure we have a wonderful weekend. They cleared trails for us the week of the race and were at key places such as the Visitor Center to assist us. They help us throughout the year and the MMT 100 would be impossible without their cooperation and participation.

We are fortunate the race was last weekend considering the forecast for the next few days. The low water bridge may again be under water.

It has been my pleasure to have been involved with the MMT 100 from the original concept and to have shared the first nine MMTs with Scott Mills, Anstr Davidson, Chris Scott, Joe Clapper, Jeanne Christie, Marg Schlundt, Stan Duobinis, Debbie Morrin, Vic Culp, Karsten Brown, Derrick Carr, Carolyn Gernand, Tim Stanley and others. And over the years many of us have managed to cross the MMT finish line at Skyline Ranch Resort.

There's no doubt in my mind but what the MMT is a much better hundred miler now than it was back in 1995. Nothing like experience. Nothing like dedication and commitment to putting on a challenging 100 mile trail run in Virginia.

As you know, Stan Duobinis will be leading the way as Race Director for the tenth annual MMT 100. And all those involved at the creation will help him make sure that the tenth MMT will be a terriffic event. But it may not be as good as the 2003 MMT 100. Thank you everyone for your teamwork last weekend. I might even see if I can run Massanutten Mountain next year.

Ed Demoney, RD

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