2005 MMT Radio Support

Larry Miller
Larry Miller at Net Control

Larry Miller KB6VAA of the Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club coordinated the efforts of the amateur radio operators to provide emergency communications and runner tracking throughout the race. Without their efforts, there would have been aid stations where communications by other means would have been very poor. We had some small problems but were able to overcome them and maintain good communications.

Operators were from the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia areas. Despite the long hours many of the operators put in, they maintained a professional manner throughout. The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club really appreciated the service provided by these amateur radio operators:

Habron Gap: Tom Brownlee AF2D
Camp Roosevelt: Ed Koiler KG4QUR
Gap Creek I: Mal Sarna W1DSH
Visitor Center: Jim Stamper KG4LDY
Bird Knob: Paul Brown KD4UPD
Rte 211 East: Howard Cunningham WD5DBC
Gap Creek II: Dave Adsit KG4BIR, Dawn Adsit KD4AWN, and Josh Adsit KG4WJC
Moreland Gap: Cliff Guetter KC4KOP
Edinburg Gap: Tom Brownlee AF2D and Wayne Frye KD4WIE 2100
Woodstock Tower: Jerry Shadle WA3UTL and Janet Shadle KG4JBB
Powell's Fort: Marc Spaziano KG4UHO
Elizabeth Furnace: Brian Cochran WC4J
Net Control Start/Finish: Larry Miller KB6VAA and Steve Larrabee W2HHT

Thanks also to Robert Neimeyer W3MMC for the use of the W3MMC repeater.

Valerie Meyer