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VHTRC Participant Survey

Event: Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Mile
Date:   May 15-16, 2010

Thank you to those who participated in our survey of runners in the 2010 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler. Here is a report of the results.

The Survey

We sent a request to participate in the survey to the 170 starters in the 2010 MMT. We received responses from 119 or 70% of the runners.

For each question, there was a required response and an optional comment box. Where the required response was a rating of 1 to 5, we have listed the average rating. Where the required response was unique to the specific question, we have listed the number and percentage of votes for each option.

We have provided a summary of the statements in the comment boxes. To encourage candid responses, we do not make specific comments public. We have tried to summarize the responses fairly, but don't claim that we did that perfectly.

All of the raw data has been (or will be) shown to those in management of MMT, the VHTRC board, and the race directors of the other two VHTRC events. (As we noted in the survey, no version of the data connects a respondent's name with any response.) If you responded to the survey, your opinion has been heard.

If you have any question about the survey, or have any further comment, you may e-mail the VHTRC president, Alan Gowen, at alangowen@gmail.com.

The VHTRC Board

Survey Results

First, a bit about you...
A. Sex: Male 94 (79%) | Female 25 (21%)
B. Prior 100 mile trail runs completed:
None: 19 (16%) | 1 - 2: 38 (32%) | 3 - 5: 25 (21%) | 6 or more: 37 (31%)
C. Prior MMT Finisher? Yes: 62 (52%) | No: 57 (48%)

First 10 Questions: These questions all called for a relative ranking that was graded as follows:
1-Very Poor 2-Poor 3-Fair 4-Good 5-Very Good

For each of the first 10 questions, we list the average rating and note if any questions were not answered.

1. The MMT web site was...4.70
2. The MMT entry and waiting list procedure was...4.71
3. The quality of the entrant shirt was...4.14 (1 didn't answer)
4. The pre-race briefing was...4.28 (21 didn't attend, 3 didn't answer)
5. The pre-race meal on Friday night was...4.43 (43 didn't attend, 2 didn't answer)
6. The course markings were...4.69
7. The aid stations were...4.76
(Please include what you most liked and what you would like to see but didn't at the aid stations.)

8. The post race food was...4.09 (33 didn't eat, 1 didn't answer)
9. The post race atmosphere was...4.57 (30 didn't attend, 1 didn't answer)
10. The live updates on the Web were...3.96 (47 didn't observe/no opinion, 1 didn't answer)
Comments: (Please note how important the live updates were to your friends and relatives)
11. Energy Replacement Drink: MMT aid stations used Gatorade as an energy replacement drink. I prefer …
Gatorade 40 [34%]
Some other energy replacement drink (enter in comment) 29 [24%]
Anything (I drink it, but don't have a preference) 23 [19%]
None (I don't use an energy replacement drink) 27 [23%]
12. This year, MMT shifted the start/finish from the Ranch to the Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp. If you participated in the event in prior years, please indicate if you have a host site preference.
Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp (this year's location) 48 [40%]
The Skyline Ranch Resort (former location) 23 [19%]
No Preference 7 [6%]
First Time Runner 38 [32%]
Didn't Answer: 3 [3%]
13. This year the pacer rule was changed due to the new course layout and logistics. Previously, pacers could join runners at any aid station with crew access after 6 p.m. This year, runners could not pick up a pacer until Camp Roosevelt (Aid Station #10/63 miles) or a later aid station.

What is your opinion of the new pacer rule?
Fine as is 53 [45%]
Return to previous rule 11 [9%]
Other 4 [3%]
Don’t use a pacer/no opinion 51 [43%]
14. In an effort to limit difficult driving and because of limited parking, fewer aid stations had crew access this year. Six aid stations had no crew access, while nine, including all but one in the last half of the race, had crew access. What is your opinion of this year's crew access?
Fine as is 63 [53%]
Would like more crew access 12 [10%]
Other 0 [0%]
Don't use crew/No opinion 44 [37%]
15. Where did you stay prior to this year’s MMT?
On site cabin 7
On site camping 22
On site sukkah 6
Area hotel/motel 76
Other 8
Comments: (Please note if you would use same accommodations, and why or why not)
16. In light of my financial means, the cost of travel, accommodations, and the entry fee was . . .
A difficult financial burden 2 [2%]
Expensive but doable 34 [29%]
Not difficult financially 76 [64%]
I could easily bear a higher cost 7 [6%]
17. Should the event raise the entry fee if necessary to improve any of the following (you may check more than one): [There were multiple selections. Percentages are of all options selected.]
Better/more frequent live updates 8 [6%]
Shuttle for satellite parking 20 [16%]
Shuttle for pacers 5 [4%]
Other 13 [10%]
Fine as is 80 [63%]
18. Based on your experience this year, do you want to run the MMT again?
1-Definitely not 2-Probably not 3-Might/might not 4-Probably 5-Definitely
Please tell us why or why not:

Overall Comments/Recommendations

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