Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler
Solo Division

May 14-15, 2011
George Washington National Forest, Virginia

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Finishers in the Solo Division did not use a pacer or crew and did not receive artificial assistance throught he use of personal listening devices. [Updated on May 20 to include a missing runner.]

NameAge Time
17Jeremy Pade2922:45:19
28Justin Faul3023:05:40
314Cam Baker3425:11:25
415Jim Harris4625:11:25
516Keith Knipling3525:32:45
617Ryan O'Dell2625:33:21
721Vince Bowman4626:50:02
822Yosuke Murase3826:59:07
926Will Jorgensen5227:51:27
1027David Garman4927:56:18
1131Dan Spurlock5828:13:12
1232Tetsuro Ogata2928:28:19
1336David Peterman4828:46:29
1437David Corfman4828:46:29
1538William McGovern5128:47:17
1640Kent Gallup4028:51:30
1741Bernard Pesjak4229:02:06
1845Jeff Best4929:10:17
1949Bob Combs4429:26:30
2054Alan Johnson4729:45:09
2157Greg Trapp4830:15:54
2266Ray Bovaird4431:00:18
2373Roy Heger5631:28:11
2475David Ploskonka2931:47:26
2577John W. Taylor4931:56:24
2679Martin Lowenfish4232:05:34
2784Jeff Heasley4332:28:32
2886Josh Edmond3132:47:13
2987Ron Farneski5232:47:13
3088Paul Lefelhocz4232:51:35
3189Matthew White2832:56:42
3290Kevin Stapleton2832:56:47
3393Paul Crickard5733:03:45
3497Carl Tippets5833:19:17
35102Allan Holtz6133:36:47
36103Paul Sherlock5533:41:57
37108Dave Yeakel Jr4634:10:09
38110Tom Nesterick4534:10:16
39111Tim Hardy5034:10:16
40112Bill Losey3934:19:20
41119Eric Grol3434:46:13
42123Rob Apple4935:15:01
43127Ali Turfe4735:35:38
169Susan Donnelly4831:13:04

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