Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler
Solo Division

May 12-13, 2012
George Washington National Forest, Virginia

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Finishers in the Solo Division did not use a pacer or crew and did not receive artificial assistance throught he use of personal listening devices.

NameAge Time
14Jack Pilla5321:07:36
27Keith Knipling3622:09:59
39Adam Lint2823:04:50
410Julian Vicente3923:17:53
511David Ploskonka3023:32:19
614Jim Harris4723:54:13
715Ken Niemimaa4023:54:24
817Yosuke Murase3924:27:33
923John Fegyveresi3526:26:12
1024David Garman5026:37:41
1125Jonathan Loewus-Deitch2526:42:00
1227Richard Cook4926:59:05
1334Eric Harris3928:32:00
1437Ryan O'Dell2728:55:00
1541Kent Gallup4129:31:21
1642Tom Page4429:39:50
1743Ray Bovaird4529:40:11
1845Jeff Best5029:48:51
1951Dima Feinhaus4930:10:56
2055David Weigert4631:15:11
2162Greg Trapp4931:54:45
2263Bob Combs4531:54:45
2365Horacio Ruiz4732:04:38
2466Makoto Kitamura4332:05:58
2576Paul Lefelhocz4332:42:33
2677Paul Crickard5832:42:33
2793Bill Losey4033:56:25
28101Roy Heger5734:25:36
29102Joan Vila4034:35:41
30104Tim Hardy5134:39:37
31106Vincent Swendsen4934:40:10
32107Mark Calcatera6334:40:11
33113Ray Gruenewald5234:57:56
34116Ali Turfe4835:02:07
35120John H Powell4935:30:25
36121Paul Sherlock5635:30:25
37123Allan Perez5535:38:12
38124Scott Hodukavich4835:50:26
39126Alan Zwart4136:11:26
16Eva Pastalkova3622:01:54
247Susan Donnelly4929:50:51
357Nelinia Cabiles4731:19:34
469Marge Ascari5032:25:00
590Elise Harrington5633:53:00
691Joanne Fenninger4633:55:28
794Kim Love-Ottobre4633:56:25

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