Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler
Solo Division

May 18-19, 2013
George Washington National Forest, Virginia

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Finishers in the Solo Division did not use a pacer or crew and did not receive artificial assistance throught the use of personal listening devices.

NameAge Time
Solo Men
13Jason Lantz3220:31:55
27David Ploskonka3122:54:48
313James Conway4224:33:45
416Ken Niemimaa4124:55:45
517Keith Knipling3725:04:21
622Bryson Smith2425:33:32
724Ryan O'Dell2826:15:39
830Tom Page4627:20:23
932Brad Koenig3727:26:09
1033Jim Harris4827:26:09
1136Bernard Pesjak4427:41:05
1237Jack Anderson3027:43:26
1338John Dove4827:48:02
1439Padraig Mullins3127:58:06
1546Miguel Perez3028:46:07
1647Patrice Godin4528:48:13
1750Joseph Schramka4428:51:42
1851Paul Heffernan3929:18:08
1953David Weigert4729:21:00
2055Jason Brady3429:24:30
2158Denis Cook3029:26:20
2259Chris Dollar3229:33:04
2362Larry Huffman5229:39:41
2465David Eck4329:44:45
2566Larry Watson II4629:50:58
2667Ray Bovaird4629:59:41
2769Greg Trapp5030:07:37
2870Harry Behm4330:12:33
2971William McGovern5330:13:48
3076Dima Feinhaus5031:04:42
3179Christopher Martin4631:13:32
3280Christopher Agbay3631:13:33
3382Ron Eshleman4431:22:45
3483Paul Lefelhocz4431:27:03
3586Ali Turfe4931:34:14
3691Keith Blom5631:52:11
3793Alan Johnson4932:05:51
3895Joe McQuade3832:07:36
3999Roy Heger5832:47:34
40102Charles Leonard5732:57:17
41105Al Campos3933:16:58
42108Olivier Jacqueau5133:27:09
43112Douglas Gray3834:00:28
44113Jimm Ouellette4034:02:31
45115Jacob Boopalan3734:03:15
46122Gilbert Gray5134:16:28
47125Bob Combs4634:25:36
48131Jeff Landon5434:38:14
49135Samuel Taggart3034:51:37
50136Vincent Swendsen5035:04:50
51140Pedro Soto3535:14:34
52149Bob Dunfey6135:40:42
Solo Women
157Megan McGrath2829:26:20
277Joanne Fenninger4731:08:26
3106Marge Ascari5133:22:59

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