Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

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Final 2013 Wait List

28 runners at end of entry 2013

This was the final wait list for the 2013 Massanutten Trails 100. It is relevant to identify those who will be eligible for prior year loser priority in the 2014 entry.

Original Rank: If an applicant was on the initial wait list on January 5, his or her starting rank is in parentheses. Example: (47)

1 (65)Christopher Dempsey35MArlington, VA0
2 (66)Jon Westmoreland47MPinnacle, NC0
3 (67)Jeff Merritt29MLancaster, PA0
4 (68)Warwick Ames44MChapel Hill, NC0
5 (69)Ken Wolters43MAlbany, OR0
6 (70)Amelia Kegan29FWashington, DC0
7 (71)Gray Weaver30MArlington, VA0
8 (72)Edward Masuoka60MLaurel, MD0
9 (73)Parker Terry29MGainesville, VA0
10 (76)Megan Stegemiller24FAnnandale, VA0
11 (77)Karen Ringheiser49FNewton, MA0
12 (78)Jason Maruccio36MPittsburgh, PA0
13 (79)Jeff Fiolek46MHarpers Ferry, WV0
14 (80)Danny Mowers35MChambersburg, PA0
15 (81)Jesse Johnson38MStewartstown, PA0
16 (82)Alan Zwart42MWashington, DC0
17 (83)Scott Clendaniel34MArlington, VA0
18 (84)Mark Zimmermann60MKensington, MD0
19 (85)Thomas Miller47MFayetteville, NC0
20 (86)Kean Hankins47MChapel Hill, NC0
Runners above will be eligible for prior year loser status in the 2014 entry if they enter the lottery and are not picked.
Those below are not eligible for that priority since they joined this list after initial entry
21Andrew Barrett46MTampa, FL2
22David Ahn38MMount Laurel, NJ0
23Keith Heffern39MLovettsville, VA0
24Thomas Haine46MTowson, MD2
25Ethel Cook48FPhoenixville, PA0
26Howard Matthews38MManassas, VA0
27Kip Pierson35MWashington, DC0
28Tom Sprouse71MAsheville, NC13