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MMT 2002 Volunteers

A very special "thank you" to all who worked to make the 2002 Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler the great success that it was. Many people toiled long hours, had little sleep, and made great personal sacrifices to ensure that the event was successful. Your efforts were not unappreciated! Here is just a sampling of the many expressions of thanks that we recieved from the runners.

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2002 MMT Report Page

Messages from Runners

Received my MMT buckle today - it is really neat! Thanks once again for the time and effort you put into this race. It is a first class event!

I'll be back next year - as a volunteer! I've seen enough rocks.

Hope our paths cross soon again.

Just received my MMT 100 Buckle today. Awesome!

Thank you for all your efforts to put on a great run. The A/S people were a great help. Experienced. Food was a perfect combination.

And of course the course. A bitch of a route! But as pain fades I know the mental victory will last the rest of my life! See you next year!

To Ed Demoney and Virginia Happy Trails Running Club,

Hi. I'd like to say how much I enjoyed the Massanutten Mountain experience. Although I'm not a mountain runner by nature and train out of necessity to be ready for the climbs, I remember the view of the valley at mile 50 as memorable. A really magestic visual panorama!

The teams at the stations were so ready to go beyond the call of simply manning a post - the enthusiasm and encouragement of the aid station teams was great.

Obviously the medical assistance team was also fantastic. As a participant who during the event had need of medical care I can only relate my grateful thanks to all of the staff!

My wishes to you for continued success. You have a strong trail running organization in Virginia! Thanks again...

Hi Ed, Though I failed to finish the MMT 100 again this year I did wish to complement you on how well run an event it is. Please complement your aid station personel. Those folks do every thing in there power to help the runners to finish. In my case I just ran out of gas at a very bad time, on the way across Short Mtn. That is a very bad place to run out of gas. If I'm in any kind of shape next year I'll be back and I WILL FINISH ! Once again thanks for such a great experience. Till next year...

Thanks for hosting a great event. A race director's job is never easy but I can't imagine being responsible for MMT100. I especially liked the special recognition you gave to your wife in the race packet.

Please be sure to thank Bill VanAntwerp for putting up with the downright miserable person I became after Short Mountain. If you describe me as the woman who whined, bitched, moaned and complained for the last 25M, but managed to stay 1 hr. ahead of all the cut-offs, trust me, he'll know who you're talking about.
Thanks again.

Ed - I wish I could have stayed around for the closing ceremonies, mainly to thank everyone for putting on another wonderful event - everyone involved seems to understand and genuinely care about all the participants - you all make it such a joy to run - and the weather this year was just about perfect. I have never lined up to start a race with such trepidation as this year - not based on whether I could do it, but rather whether I should. Though the doc gave me the go ahead after the negative xray a couple of days prior, there was still a lot of point tenderness and his parting words of - well, just try it and I'll see you next week - left me less than convinced as to the prospect of being able to complete the course. I think I got lucky in some respects, but the support of all involved was a tremendous help and I can't thank you all enough! Have a well deserved rest and hope to see you on the trails again soon -

I wanted to let you know I enjoyed the race! It is a beautiful course, well marked, great volunteers and very tough. I have had people tell me that there are no easy 100 milers, but all the others I have done were much easier than MMT. Thanks for a great weekend.

First off another wonderfully organized event. MMT is great even if the course is brutal.

Thank you Ed for a fantastic race. Something I will cherish ever.

MMT was my first 100, and it was a great experience. Not only because I finished, but also because I had fun. I met truly great people all along, not only runners but also volunteers. This race would not exist without the volunteers and they do a amazing job.

1) Markings were fantastic, even I did not get lost (I tried a couple of times, but a red signal stopped me each time). Thanks to Chris, Michelle and others

2) Volunteers at each aid station were absolutely fantastic, and I am sorry I had no more time to chat with them (got to run...), but I thanked them as profusely as I could.

In all, a fantastic experience, and not only because I get a buckle...

Now it is back to my family, they have been very understanding but my little one needs to see me more...

BUT see me there next year. Now that I know I can finish, what about being competitive... (huh, could very well be that this will be my lifetime PR since I really felt pretty good all along, but it is worth a try).

AND thank you Valerie for the live coverage. even my parents and relatives [far away] were kept informed and their positive thoughts surely helped (at one point, my dad saw I was 15th and thought "push it you can enter the top ten" guess it helped because I did...).

[We] want to thank you and all of your friends for a great race!! Everyone was so kind! Everything was perfect!!! It could not have been better! Thanks for your hard work and accepting the challenge to put the race on again and again each year!!!"

Hi, Ed!

Hopefully, you've had a break and chance to savor another successful year before you dip into our in-box. Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you and all of the planners and volunteers on a tour de force that would win kudos from both General Patton and Mother Teresa! The 80-some finishers might have completed a less organized and less people-friendly race, but they couldn't have done a course like MMT100 without you and the team.

If I have time on my upcoming travel overseas, I'll try to write up another ditty for the record. In any event, I wanted to contact you to return a Tektite halogen flashlight which one of our (female) running comrades lent me to get through Short Mountain after she dropped at Route 211. In fact, it almost made Short Mountain a breeze - a much different place from what I saw with my hazy Garrity LifeLight. She said that she would pass along her e-mail address to me through you or ask you for my contact info. Please feel free to pass my info along to her (or anyone else, for that matter). Sorry to burden you with another detail, but it was a detail I couldn't address (or, more properly, memorize) at Route 211.

Thanks, as always, for your support and encouragement, and regards,

I just returned home to Ohio, after running the Massanutten Mountain 100 in Virginia. I would like to extend a very loud applause to the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club for putting on what I would consider a true gem of an Ultramarathon. Race Director Ed Demoney, knows how to challenge you and is in charge of one of the toughest trail events in this country. Thank you to Chris Scott, Scott Mills, Anstr Davidson, Gary and Keith Knipling, and all of the other membrs of the VHTRC for allowing me to challenge myself, and to prove once again that Ultrarunning, as in life, is a measure of your personal goals. Satisfy those and you will be a great human being. Victory is not always first place. There is victory in a finish. Thank you Ed, and your VHTRC mates.

And this from Kevin Black of the Shenandoah County Chapter of the American Red Cross:


On behalf of the Shenandoah County Chapter of the American Red Cross I would like to thank you and the other members of the VHTRC for their cooperation and participation with the fund raising effort. I know this required additional work on the part of many individuals helping organize the race. The effort is very much appreciated.

The two goals that I had set for this endeavor were met, at least to some extent. The Red Cross raised funds for the disaster relief fund and at least some local folks who otherwise would not have, got involved in helping with the run as a result of the Red Cross effort. Hopefully neither you or other VHTRC members felt any negative impact from the endeavor.

It will be the decision of the Board of Directors of the Red Cross and the VHTRC whether they want to attempt this, or some form of this in the future. However, regardless of that decision, if I am not running I will make myself available to help as needed. I certainly know the trails well enough by now and could help with marking or any other number of required tasks. If a VHTRC membership is a prerequisite, please advise and I will join.

From a personal side, I wish to express my thanks to you and all others who work so hard to do such and outstanding job organizing and providing runners with an extraordinary run. I must admit at times during the run I did not have such warm thoughts about you and anyone else who planned the course, but upon reflection I realize that the course was planned by you and others wanting only the best for the runners, so that we could derive maximum enjoyment from the available terrain. Though, I am having a hard time getting your prerace story and those Flamingos out of my mind.

Most of the aid stations were excellent. I have not run a lot of different 100's, or ultras for that matter, but I cannot imagine an aid station in any run being better than the Gap Creek Aid Station. I was impressed the first time I went through, but was in awe the second time I went through. Not only is it stocked with an amazing variety of things a runner may need, but it is stocked with personnel that know what you need and who make sure you get it.

Having a tough run from about 45 miles to 85 miles, Chris Scott apparently recognized this in my face and overall appearance as I entered the aid Station with three other runners. Though I had crew there, Chris stepped in and quizzed me on whether I was aware of what was in front of me until Edinburg Gap and he made sure that I had what I needed to get me through, together with a plan to make it through. Moments of such genuine concern and caring like this are a good example of the type of mentality that attracts me to ultrarunning and keeps me coming back for more. My friend, Roy Marshall, had similar assistance and appreciation for the service at this aid station.

Again, thank you!


2002 MMT Report Page

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