Thanks to the MMT Voluntters

from Ed Demoney
Race Director


An email from finisher Mike Erickson summed up the weekend very well:

"Thanks again for a terrific race and a great weekend. You folks at VHTRC really know how to do a race right. You've got all the elements wired; the course flagging, the aid stations, the radio relays, all the volunteers, even the weather. Everything appeared to run as smoothly as it possibly could. Now if you just do something about those damn rocks..."

Ed DemoneyI echo Mike's sentiments and want to thank each and everyone of you for your time the past several weeks and this past weekend in supporting the 2001 MMT 100 Mile Run. We were fortunate to have decent weather and evaded the usual storm(s). Can't say I missed the rain.

Thanks to all of you, 119 started, 77 finished and 30 made it as far as the Visitors Center for the Visitor Award. Many of the runners said it was the wonderful aid stations that got them through the day and night and, in many cases, the next day since there were only 2 finishers under 24 hours. Anstr Davidson deserves the highest praise for volunteer coordination assisted by Bill Sublett and Bill Van Antwerp who masterfully provided logistical support and runner accountability tracking through the entire weekend. It looked to me like all the volunteers were having a great time supporting our runners.

In addition to outstanding aid stations, the Skyline Ranch Resort was a great host and the Forest Service provided its usual professional assistance. Our radio support team, Virginia ARES, provided, by far, the best radio communications and runner tracking system we have had these past 7 years.

VHTRC received even more accolades than usual for the course marking system. Of course marking was only half the battle because of remarking necessary due to vandalism not to mention sweeping the trails and pulling down all those streamers and chem lights.

I'm challenged to find the adjectives to describeValerie Meyer's achievements in keeping track of runners and their times. She not only knew what was happening for the entire 36 hours, Valerie was able to post splits for the spectators and inform the world via the internet. Let's just say everything worked marvelously! Of course, Valerie had a little help from our magical web master, Anstr Davidson.

Our VHTRC runners did well. I hope most runners and volunteers can attend the celebration this Saturday. Send your RSVPs to Jeanne Christie. We can distribute t-shirts to volunteers at the party, if you didn't receive one, and I can mail them if you let me know otherwise.

I know everything was not perfect. Right now, while everything's fresh in your mind, let me know your recommendations for improvements for the 2002 MMT 100 Mile Run. And if you want to relive or just see some of the highlights from this year, take a look at the web page, complete with pictures and detailed results. No wonder it is an award winning web site.

A simple thank you to everyone,


Photo courtesy of Deb Reno and Steve Pero

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