Note on Viewing the Photos

These photos are in collages. This system has worked well but, each photo is 700 pixels wide. If your screen resolution is only 800 pixels wide, it will be pretty scrunched. This if fine if your screen resolution is 1024 x 768 or higher. I appologize to those with lower screen resolutions.

If you want to view a collage all by itself in its own browser window, put "" in the location field of your browser. "X" will identify each picture. Look at the bottom of your browser when you put the mouse over the link to see what X is for each picture.

AOL Users: It will probably work better if you minimize AOL and open a real browser to view this.

When you first open the page, the photos will be downloading. This will take a minute. Go get a beer. By the time you get back, it should be all ready!