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Volunteers 2009

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To Volunteer

The MMT would not be the quality event it is without the many volunteers who have given so much to the race and the runners. This page serves two functions. It recognizes some, but unfortunately not all, of the volunteers who will be there to help the runners this year. Additionally, this page serves as a place to help recruit and organize the volunteers.

Resources Elsewhere

How to Volunteer: If you want to volunteer, please use the volunteer form. This form helps us keep track of your help. You can indicate special issuescontact Anstr Davidson at If you want to help with course marking, mark that on the form. For questions about course marking, contact Kevin Bligan at More information on course marking is below.

Aid Station Captains: One of the most critical jobs is that of aid station captain. It is challenging but very rewarding. A few good aid station captain jobs are available.

Course Marking: MMT is noted for its great course marking. Kevin Bligan is in charge of course marking this year. You can work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. More Information. If you want to help Kevin, contact him directly at


Race Director: Stan Duobinis
Aid Station Supply: Doug Clark
Runner Accountability: Brian McNeill (backups: Kevin Bligan and Ed Demoney)
Data and Results: Anstr Davidson
Course Marking: Kevin Bligan
Radio Support: Larry Miller
Photography: Aaron Schwartzbard
Volunteer Recruiter: Anstr Davidson

Aid Stations

NOTE: For distances and cutoff times, see the Aid Station Chart.

Aid Station Opening Time Volunteers
(Captains in Bold)
* Supplying own staff
#1 Buzzards Trailhead 0515 Keith Dunn
#2 Shawl Gap 0600 Debbie and Eric Nordlund, Dan Pesta, Tonya Stotler
#3 Veach Gap 0615 Jaret Seiberg and Mike Bur, Keith Dunn, Patty Duffy
#4 Milford Gap 0700 Jean Whitman-Plauger, Tony Escobar, Brian Wilson
#5 Habron Gap 0800 Rob and Mel Saraniero , Kirstin Corris, Marti Kovener, Drew Watson, Sydney Shepherd, Michael Milaszewski, Catherine Stanish, Michele Buckley, Lawrence Buckley
#6 Camp Roosevelt 0930 Vic Culp *
#7 Gap Creek I 1000 Hunt Bartine, Walt Robinson, Patricia Miller, Suzie and Jason Spangler, Rocky DeSantis
#8 Visitors Center 1145 Jeff Reed, Mike McCumber, Jim Hodges, Mark Shaughnessy, Linda Wack, Beth Hand, Bunny Runyan, Mike Kamin, David Mueller, Marc Griffin, Terry Ottina
#9 Bird Knob 1215 Margie Schlundt and Marge Burley, Nick Burley, Harry Smith
#10 Picnic Area 1230 Vince Bowman, Curtis DeBruhl, Sarah Butcher, Craig Jamieson, Jeff Washburn, Judy Rupp, Delinda Hood, Marc Landry, Kat Hale, Lenne Stolberg, and Steve Smith
  211 East (Ck Pt with Min Aid) 1245 Dan Pesta and Keith Dunn
#11 Gap Creek II Already Open Same as #7
#12 Moreland 1500 Carl Newby, Paul Newby, Andrew Newby, Ben Minehart, Deborah Newby, and Emily Appel
#13 Edinburg Gap 1700 Robin Kane, Leo Lutz, Sarah Gray, Corry Grimm, Mark Kerski
#14 Woodstock Tower 1800 Steve Core, Sean Andrish, Brian Schmidt, Courtney and Pam Campbell, Mike Schuster, Dr Jack and Sue Ellen Andrish, Diane and Mike Adams, Teri and Tom Simons, John Nelson, Phil Holt, and Jenna Core
#15 Powell's Fort 1900 Rob Dolan, Don McLaughlin, Karen Taber, Keith Hosman, Justin Faul
#16 Elizabeth Furnace 2100 Janice Heltibridle, Aaron Alford, Shannon Fisher, Barb Isom
Finish 2200 Patti Schlundt, Marge and Nick Burley, Margie Schlundt, Ron Hoblitz, Farouk Elkassed (food)
Anstr Davidson, Brenda Davidson, Lucia Davidson, Wendy Marszalek (finish line)

Ranch on Friday

Course Marking

Trail Marking Volunteers

MMT has a great reputation for course marking due to the numerous volunteers who help hang markings and clear the course each year. If you want to have some fun, get some good training miles and help us with this important task, there are ample opportunities. Below are tasks, meeting times and additional information about this year's marking. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the course marking coordinator. Please do not just show up race weekend without coordinating at least a week prior to the race.

From Kevin Bligan -


  1. I will be out in the MMT valley marking a few sections on Thursday (5/14). If you would like to join me, I will be marking from about 10:00 am till 4:00 pm. E-mail to coordinate -
  2. We will be meeting at Skyline Ranch on Friday morning (5/15) at 8:00 am sharp to break down into crews to mark the majority of the course with yellow ribbon. Each crew will be led by an experienced trail marker. We expect to be out most of the day, so bring enough replenishment food and drink to sustain your effort.
  3. This year the nighttime portions of the course will be marked with reflective tape as well as yellow ribbons. The majority of the reflectors will be hung by the Friday marking crews.


  1. Saturday (5/16) there are several marking and clearing opportunities. We will need crews to remove ribbons following the last runner (sweeps) for the daytime part of the course (first 50 miles).
  2. There may be a section or two near the end of the course that didn't get marked on Friday (5/15). If so a crew or crews will be needed to finish hanging ribbons and reflectors on Saturday (5/16). It will be absolutely necessary to have a person familiar with marking and with the course on each crew.
  3. On Saturday (5/16) I could use a person or two to ride around the course with me. I will be chemliting the first trail section of the course, completing intersection markings with flour, marking road sections, troubleshooting, and near nightfall will be adding a few chemlites on tricky parts of the course. This should be a fairly easy day although it does involve riding around in a van with me and visiting all the aid stations...or it could be quite frantic if anything goes wrong with markings.
  4. Sunday (5/17) will be dedicated to removing about 50 miles of remaining ribbon, reflectors, and chem lights. We will attempt to have crews remove the marking debris following the last runner for daylight sections. This will start as early as 6:00 am on Sunday and last until the last ribbon is removed at the end of the course. Typically we meet on the south end of the course at the 211 aid station at 6:00.
  5. Anstr will periodically update the volunteer page with marking assignments once they have been finalized.

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