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To Volunteer

The MMT would not be the quality event it is without the many volunteers who have given so much to the race and the runners. This page serves two functions. It recognizes some, but unfortunately not all, of the volunteers who will be there to help the runners this year. Additionally, this page serves as a place to help recruit and organize the volunteers.

Resources Elsewhere

Prior Year Volunteers

How to Volunteer: If you want to volunteer, please use the volunteer form. This form helps us keep track of your help. Please indicate in the Comment section any aid station or job preference. We cannot guarantee your preference but we try to be as accommodating as possible. If you want to help with course marking, mark that on the form. For questions about course marking see below.

Aid Station Captains: One of the most critical jobs is that of aid station captain. It's challenging but very rewarding. We need to fill #2 Edinburg Gap and Gap Creek #11, #15.

Course Marking: MMT is noted for its great course marking. Kevin Bligan is in charge of course marking this year. You can work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. More Information. If you want to help Kevin B., contact him directly at


Race Director: Kevin Sayers
Aid Station Truck No. 1: Bill Sublett
Aid Station Truck No. 2: Jeff Smith & Mithila Jegathesan
Course Marking: Kevin "Trail Boss" Bligan
Runner Accountability: Carter Wieckling (Grimm Reaper)
Radio Support: Larry Miller, Anstr Davidson
Data and Results: Anstr Davidson
Volunteer Coordinator: Kevin Sayers
Rogue Chef: Bob Fabia
Aide-de-camp & Social Chairperson: Greg Zaruba

We need to fill those areas where you see "Need"

Race Headquarters (Friday, Pre Race & Sunday Afternoon)

Area of Need Volunteers
(Leads in Bold)
Set Up & Other *1 (Roustabout)

Kevin Sayers, Doug Camann, Jim Treece, Bill Susa, Paul Encarnacion, Need, Need

Friday Traffic / Parking *2 Need, Need, Need, Need
Packet Pickup *3 (10:00 ish set up) Judith Webber, Ron Webber (1:00) Paul Encarnacion, James Fogg, Jeff Washburn, Need
Swag Sales Quatro Hubbard
Friday Dinner *4 Caterer (Carol), (3:00) Judith Webber, Ron Webber, Patrick Murray, Doug Camann, Rich Limacher
Pre Race Traffic / Parking (3:00 a.m) Need, Wendy Valdes, James Fogg, Melissa  Crawford
Radio Room, Timing & Other Anstr Davidson, Lucia Davidson

Finish Line Timing

10:00 pm Saturday to 3:00 am Sunday
Kim Love-Ottobre, Need
3:00 am to 8:00 am
Need, Need
8:00 am to 11:00 am
Charlie Miracle, Betty Miracle
11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Charlie Miracle, Betty Miracle

Sunday Afternoon & Clean Up *5 Kevin Sayers, Mary Shaw, Leah Pan, Allison Holko, Marwa Elsayed, Need, Need, Need, Need, Need, Need
Photography Paul Encarnacion (Packet Pickup and Saturday - early)

*1: Set up consists of arriving either Thursday night (Bob Fabia provides us with a great dinner and breakfast!) or Friday morning and doing whatever needs to be done to get ready. This is a fluid job and does not require any heavy lifting. Sometimes it means hanging out till the next emergency.

*2: Traffic / Parking is sitting under a tent and telling drivers where to park. Starts at noon on Friday.

*3: Packet Pickup is a public position. It requires that you assist in the organization of the packet pickup area, prepare for check-in and distribution of numbers and swag. It can also be considered the general "concierge" area. (ha ha!). We also organize volunteer swag so it can be delivered to the aid stations on Saturday.

*4: Friday Dinner is organized by the caterer but we need additional people to help serve, facilitate, then break down the tables and reconfigure for the weekend.

*5: Sunday is an easy job and the only hard part is getting volunteers. It doesn't last long and the more the easier. At 4:00, during the Awards Ceremony, we start breaking down and moving supplies and equipment to the "garagemahal" 100 yards for the finish line.. The Retreat House kitchen (volunteer HQ and bunk place) is cleaned up and shut down. After the awards ceremony any drop bags left in the Drop Bag tent are dissembled and their contents are distributed as appropriate. Chairs and tables in big tent are stacked in a central location (easy), trash bags are collected and taken to the camps trash area.

Aid Stations

NOTE: For distances and open/close times, see the Aid Station Chart.

Aid Station Volunteers
(Captains in Bold)
 1 - Moreland Gap
Keith Dunn, Need
 2 - Edinburg Gap
John  Garneski, Judith Webber, Ron  Weber, Wendy Valdes, Doug Camann, Caroline Williams, Melissa  Crawford, Need, Need
 3 - Woodstock Tower
Mike Bur, Zsuzsanna Carlson, Alisa Springman, Kim Love-Ottobre, Rich Limacher, Jim Treece, Grace Fisher, James Fogg
 4 - Powells Fort
Natalie Kennedy Escobar, Genevieve Kennedy, Aiden Kennedy, Rowan Kennedy, Carrie Drummond, Bill Susa, Need, Need, Need, Need
 5 - Elizabeth Furnace
Vic Culp, Alvin Lee,Bill Wandel, Douglas Hussey, Lisa Johnston, Brian Robinette, Tim Toogood, Need, Need
 6 - Shawl Gap Parking
Rob Dolan, Evan Weber, Emily Clay, Anzhela "Angie" Knyazeva, Dave Krause, John Mercke, Nickie Mercke, Need
 7 - Veach Gap Parking
Jaret Seiberg, Jacob Seiberg, Naomi Seiberg, Frank Velez, Erin Velez, Ed Walsh, James Ficke CLOSED
 8 - Indian Grave Trailhead
(12:00 pm - 8:00 pm)
Joe Clapper & Michele Harmon, Kevin Green, Suzie Spangler, Eric Johnston, Kerry Owens, Doug  Sullivan CLOSED
 9 - Habron Gap Parking
Carl Newby, Lawrence Bartlett, Kelly Gauger, Emily Appel-Newby, Ben Minehart, Chris Moore, Allison Minehart, Justin Blessing, Ed Demoney? CLOSED
10 - Camp Roosevelt
Jeff Reed, Robin Watkins, Adam Watkins, Linda Wack, Daniel Fogg, Will Kuper, Erik Price CLOSED
11/15 - Gap Creek I & II
Chris Wilde, Amy Hribar, Susan Baehre, Tom  Kubicz, Carolyn McCollum, Dave Wilde, Kim Downes, Meredith Hering, Jarret Hering, John Godinet, Mark  Pittman CLOSED
12 - Visitor Center
Eric Levy-Myers, Jen Lebendig, Jeff Washburn, Iris Golla, Daniel MacDougall, John Hord, Emir Dedic, Nick Serfass, Ryan Paavola, Larry Tumblin CLOSED (+1)
13 - Bird Knob
Tom Simonds, Gretchen Bolton, Bruce  Tweedie, Clinton Thompson, Chad Epler, Need
14 - Picnic Area
Rick Amernick, Jackie Ong, Julius Garcia, Lewin Deborah, Daisy Weill, Heather Rosso, Sanderson Mittnacht, Brett Martin, Samantha Pitts-Kiefer, Jackie Ho, George Scott, Kevin McCormick, Francie Hankins, Julius Garcia, Thomas Buell CLOSED (+6)
16 - Caroline Furnace Camp (Finish Line)
Sara Davidson, Tom McNulty, Toni Aurilio, Mary Shaw, Dawn Gray, Leah Pan, Beni Hawkins, Meg Wiegand, Allison Holko, Michael Ludwig, Stanley Spence, Donna LaLonde, Kelley Fitzsimmons, Robert Gaylord, Bert Salter, Sherry Ruffner-Slack, Jenny Roberts, Kirstin Corris, Jen Page, Need, Need, Need
TBA Not yet assigned or awaiting further assginment or waiting for their preference response to Kevin (RD): Bryce Campbell
Missed If you've signed up via the Volunteer form and don't see your name or if something has been missed or incorrect then please contact Kevin Sayers ( Thanks!

Course Marking

Trail Marking Volunteers

Sweep Volunteers

MMT has a great reputation for course marking due to the numerous volunteers who help hang markings and clear the course each year. If you want to have some fun, get some good training miles and help us with this important task, there are ample opportunities. Below are tasks, meeting times and additional information about this year's marking. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the course marking coordinator Kevin Bligan at Please do not just show up race weekend without coordinating at least a week prior to the race.

Kevin "Trail Boss" Bligan
610-659-3508 cell

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