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Volunteers 2012

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The MMT would not be the quality event it is without the many volunteers who have given so much to the race and the runners. This page serves two functions. It recognizes some, but unfortunately not all, of the volunteers who will be there to help the runners this year. Additionally, this page serves as a place to help recruit and organize the volunteers.

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Prior Year Volunteers

How to Volunteer: If you want to volunteer, please use the volunteer form. This form helps us keep track of your help. If you want to help with course marking, mark that on the form. For questions about course marking, contact Kevin Bligan at More information on course marking is below.

Aid Station Captains: One of the most critical jobs is that of aid station captain. It is challenging but very rewarding. A few good aid station captain jobs are available.

Course Marking: MMT is noted for its great course marking. Kevin Bligan is in charge of course marking this year. You can work on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. More Information. If you want to help Kevin, contact him directly at


Race Director: Kevin Sayers
Aid Station Supply: Bill Sublett
Course Marking: Kevin Bligan
Runner Accountability: Brian McNeill
Radio Support: Larry Miller
Data and Results: Anstr Davidson
Volunteer Recruiter: Kevin Sayers

Aid Stations

--- (Last Updated sometime on 5/9 ---


NOTE: For distances and open/close times, see the Aid Station Chart.

Aid Station Volunteers
(Captains in Bold)
 1 - Moreland Gap Fred Fialco, Susie Casey
 2 - Edinburg Gap Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, Eric Nordlund, Ashley Moyer, David Lister, Ragan Petrie, Heather Rosso, Ed Walsh
 3 - Woodstock Tower Mike Bur, Gary Lukacs, Melanie Mayor, James Moore, Stephen Cooper, Rebecca Moore, Ken Wolters
 4 - Powells Fort Natalie Kennedy, Mary Lang, Rob Lang, Tony Escobar,
 5 - Elizabeth Furnace Vic Culp, Chris Szoch, Bill Wandel, Joseph Landreth, Katie Keier, Robert Beardslee, Lynne Millholland
 6 - Shawl Gap Parking Rob Dolan, Evan Weber, Nancy Daniels, Cherry Grassi, Mandy Flanigan, Dave Cockman
 7 - Veach Gap Parking Jaret Seiberg, Naomi Seiberg, Jacob Seiberg, Mike Bur, Laura Bur, Doug Sullivan, Kirstin Corris, John Garneski, Lucy Garneski
 8 - Indian Grave Trailhead Jean Whitman-Plauger, Janice Heltibridle, Ed Demoney, Rosalie Demoney, Vicki Kendall, Barb Isom
 9 - Habron Gap Parking Carl Newby, John Newby, , Emily Apple Newby, John Chapman, David Martin, Lawrence Bartlett, Stephen Eckberg, Jenny Eckberg.
10 - Camp Roosevelt Jeff Reed, Michael Gildea, Mike McCumber, Linda Wack, Adele Fenwick, Gray Weaver, Bob O'Donnell, Mike Campbell, Robert McClain?, Phil Silas
11/15 - Gap Creek I & II John Stacy, Stephanie Danahy, Monty Johnson, Keith Hosman, Larry Huffman, Debbie Daughtry, Vishal Sahni , John Godinet, Rhonda Hampton, David Ahn, Julian Levy-Myers, Ryan Galaher (?)
12 - Visitor Center Joe Clapper & Michele Harmon, Bob Clouston, Nicholas Hamblet, Stephanie Wilson, Harvey Sugar, Edward Cacciapaglia, Jean Richards, Herm Richards, Jeff Washburn, Tracy Dahl, Jill Broderick
13 - Bird Knob Dan Pesta Jr, Daniel Pesta Sr., John Pesta (6), Augustine Pesta (8), Samuel Pesta (13), David Pesta (13), Jeff Bower, Juan Tisera, Marianna Inslee,
14 - Picnic Area Quatro Hubbard, Mark Griffin, Christian Dahlhausen, Angie Smith, Brian Greeley, Katherine Jones, Joseph Landreth, Charles West, Jack Kurisky, Meg Harnett
Caroline Furnace Camp Bob Gaylord, Toni Aurilio, Beni Hawkins, Kelley Fitzsimmons, Jen Page, Denise Coll, Stan Spence, Mike Ludwig, Sara Davidson, Rebecca Hawkins, Matthew Lancaster, Beth Foster, Sarah Flesher, Bob Colenso, Peter Josendale
Finish Line Timing & Other Anstr Davidson, Brenda Davidson, Lucia Davidson, Mike McCumber
To Be Assigned  
Missed If you've signed up via the Volunteer form and don't see your name or if something has been missed or incorrect then please contact Kevin Sayers ( Thanks!

Race Headquarters on Friday

Keith Moore

Mike McCumber, Quatro Hubbard, Prasad Gerard, Jeff Washburn (Registration 2-5), Greg Zaruba, Jim Bruening,


Friday Meal


Setup, Serve (food being deliverd), Clean Up, Sam, Marshall, Ken Wolters, Need, Need


Parking Friday/Saturday

Keith Moore
Keith Moore, Fred Fialco, Susie Casey, Need Saturday 2:30 AM


Larry Miller ?
24 Others ?


Course Marking

Trail Marking Volunteers

Sweep Volunteers

MMT has a great reputation for course marking due to the numerous volunteers who help hang markings and clear the course each year. If you want to have some fun, get some good training miles and help us with this important task, there are ample opportunities. Below are tasks, meeting times and additional information about this year's marking. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the course marking coordinator Kevin Bligan at Please do not just show up race weekend without coordinating at least a week prior to the race.

Kevin Bligan
610-659-3508 cell

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