How to Make a Pledge

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Pink RibbonJim is "seeking pledges of 'pennies per mile' to help fund breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs." You can help him out by making a pledge. Here is how:

  1. Write a check to the "Komen Breast Cancer Foundation" *
  2. Mail the check to Jim--address below
  3. E-mail Anstr ( to tell him of your donation if you would like recognition on this Web site for it. Your donation can spur others to give, so we hope you will let us recognize you. That is, however, completely up to you. (If you have already sent a donation or made a pledge and want to be on the public list, please let Anstr know.) We will not list the amount of your donation. We will merely list you as a "Donor," a member of the "Chris Scott Club," the "Century Club," or the "Essential Massage Challenge." Membership in the Chris Scott Club comes with donations of $200 or more and membership in the Century Club comes with donations of $100 or more. Participants in the Essential Massage Challenge pledge to donate a dollar for every mile that Jim completes.

List of Contributors

Jim's address is:

James Moore
5290 Duke Street
Apt. 406
Alexandria, VA 22304

You may contact Jim at:

  • Work (202) 616-7227
  • Home (703) 212-7320,
  • INS CC mail = Moore, James E,
  • e-mail =, or

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* The Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is not connected with Jim's run. He has merely chosen to send the donations that he receives to the foundation.