Thanks to One and All

James and Rebecca at Little PoolRebecca and I would like to thank each of you for your support and generous donations. Without you we would not have been able to get to the finish line of my “final” run of the C&O Canal Towpath.

What by far was my most challenging run was also by far my most rewarding finish. I am still in awe of the support I received from you. I can still picture everyone at Handcock and the other stops along the way. All I could say to myself was WOW! All of these folks are out here to help me. It was those thoughts that helped me get through the rough spots. And a few rough spots there were. Once I realized that my target date to finish would not be met, one of my main concerns was that everyone’s schedule would be totally screwed up, folks had to go back to work and how would Rebecca and Terry manage to support me alone. Little did I know that this should have been the least of my concerns. YOU were readjusting your schedules, lives and priorities to accommodate me. The more my schedule slipped, the more adjustments you made for me. As I was thinking, how can I ask folks to continue doing this? I didn’t have to ask. You were making those adjustments of your time for me. That’s why this was so rewarding for me.

Cure Breast CancerYour generous donations have put us close to the $9,000.00 mark and contributions continue to come in. I hope to have a final count in a week or so and will forward the total amount to the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Our many, many thanks to all of you for what you’ve done to help us help find a cure for breast cancer. I truly would not have finished without you.

The Moore’s
James, Rebecca, Terry, Lisa and Denise