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He made it! At 6:01 PM, on Friday, July 27, Jim kissed the zero milepost and ended his run of the canal both directions. He was a happy camper! More pictures and discription soon. Jim is with Mr. Adams now!

Miles Run


Fri, 7:30 PM: He finished! I left work about 5 PM and biked over to Thompsons. There was Carolyn waiting patiently as she has for so many days. I talk to her a few minutes and then bike back along the path to find Jim. I don't have to go very far. He is in Georgetown at the visitors center (where the boat is). John Dodds and Joe Clapper are there on their bikes. John met Jim at about 12 miles out--about the same distance that I met Jim two years ago. Bill Turrentine is also there. Bill ran literally hundreds of miles with Jim.

It's too early for Jim to finish so he is goofing off. He looks at the park service map of the canal and then we get a picture with the bust of William O. Douglas. It is, of course, Douglas's hike with the editors of the Washington Post that led to the preservation of the canal and, indirectly, to Jim's run. Finally, Jim decides to just finish it. I bike ahead to be ready. Rebecca, Denise, and Lisa are there. Great!

All of a sudden he is here. He crosses the bridge and touches the zero milepost. Suddenly it's over! So quick.

Jim takes off his belt and has a discussion with Mr. S. Adams. It's a good time for it all to be over. Everyone is very tired. It was a good time of the end to occur.

I don't think anyone will ever replicate Jim's feat. Yes, someone might run the canal both ways, and there are a few out there who could do it faster. But I know of no one who could do it with Jim's style, grace, and good humor. And I don't know of anyone who could make it an event with meaning and purpose. Jim's efforts stimulated over $7,000 in donations to fight breast cancer. I don't think anyone else could have done all of that!

Congratulations Jim! And Rebecca, you can have him back now. Remember, everyone, if Jim looks wistfully toward the canal, the right answer is, "You have done that! You don't have to do it again."

Fri, 8 AM: Well it is almost over. Jim "only" has to run 27 miles today. I hope that you will join us at Thompson's Boathouse to welcome him back.

Joe Clapper and Mike McCumber helped Jim on one of the most important legs. It wasn't the longest, but it was the leg that made his finish very likely. Joe sent in the following thoughts:

Thoughts on the run:

I agreed to help James get back on the trail after a days rest from back spasms. He started off early looking at 76 miles, limping and stiff, his right knee double it's size, his ankles the size of Scottie's thighs. As always he was upbeat and focused on the goal- mile post zero. After a good start his back started tugging him to the right. We are not talking a little lean here, he looks like he will just fall over. His right leg started going numb from the hip to the knee. He kept moving as best he could sometimes at 2 miles per hour. Needless to say I had plenty of time to think as we progressed along the grand Potomac River Valley.

Along a big still section of the river, north of Harpers Ferry, it came to me: James was the river. Those of you that have run along the Potomac's banks know it goes fast in spurts, but most of the way the water is in no hurry, it is constant. It never stops, it does not go back, it flows on and on to the Chesapeake, then to the ocean. So it is with James. The rocks of pain slowed his movement to a trickle, but did not stop him. The mid days heat evaporated his energy, but not his will. He continued. How often did the thought of quitting come to his mind? It did not matter, you can't stop the river, you can't stop James.

Way to go big river!

I'll see you all at mile zero Friday at 6:00

Thurs, 3:45 PM Just spoke to Jim. He is feeling pretty good. He was able to move today without pain. He even ran some. He actually stopped earlier than necessary to help with the logistics. He is 27 miles from the finish.

Jim's daughter will take him back out to Sycamore Landing tomorrow morning between 6 AM and 7 AM. He will run in from there. Based on today's results, he is pretty confident he can finish tomorrow.

Jim knows that several of us want to be at the finish so he will arrange it to be there around 6 PM. He promises not to be early! (Sort of as the last day of the Tour de France is a set up, this will be too.)

So if you can, come out and welcome Jim back. We will all be there. If you want to meet him on the trail, he promises not to stray far from it, but in order not to get there early, he will have to go pretty slowly so you might find him under a tree.

If you want to help tomorrow, that would be fine. He doesn't really need a support vehicle. The best would be to meet him on a bike. If you do that, bring something cold--a soda or Gatoraid--and a cracker or candy bar.

Since it's not over 'till it's over, I have extracted a promise that someone will call me around mid-day. I will be out of the office at mid-day, but should post something not later than 3 PM to confirm the predicted arrival time.

Jim took a lot longer than planned. Is this a worthy achievement? In my view yes. He will do over 371 miles in a little over a week. He does not have the speed to put the easy miles in the bank so he had to be out there a long time. He continued through pain, heat, dark, and rain. He kept his incredible good cheer. Most importantly, his run was a celebration of family and friends. I know that many join me in feeling honored to have been part of this enterprise.

I know of a few runners who could run the canal faster than Jim, but none who would. And I know of none who would have done it with Jim's good humor. Come out and welcome him back!

Thurs, 10 AM Now I know what a parent feels like when the child is late and doesn't call in. No one called last night and I am still not sure what happened yesterday. Jeanne Christie has, however, passed on word from Larry who is with Jim now.

Jim got to Point of Rocks yesterday but I have no idea when. (The time on the chart below is a WAG.) He left PoR this morning at 6:23. He had made it to Monocracy and was expected at Whites Ferry at about 10 AM. His goal for today is 24 miles which will not come out at any check point that is on the chart below. He then plans to go back out and finish tomorrow. Sounds "easy"! A short marathon each day.

If I get word on tomorrow, I will put it here. I, for one, want to try to be at the finish.

Wed, 1:30 PM I was just thinking that no news is good news. I got back from lunch and there is a voice mail from Joe. Joe is at Brunswick but Jim is not yet. Joe says that Jim was at Harpers Ferry at 12:15. There are a lot of points that you could call Harpers Ferry. The worst case puts him only a little behind schedule.

Joe says that Jim was doing well and then his back started to hurt. But then it started to get better. So he is going to move on as long as he is not doing damage. Joe promised another update but noted that pay phones are scarce out there.

Joe passed on Jim's request that I call Rebecca to reiterate his promise not to hurt himself. I call Rebecca. I think that it's fair to say that few want this over more than she.

If we can get through today, it should look better for Jim's triumphant return tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Tue, 9:30 PM Jim and Joe Clapper will leave early tomorrow to get to Snyders Landing in time to start at 6 AM. Jim's goal for tomorrow will be White's Ferry. Mike McCumber will join Jim at Antietam and help Joe crew. Jim will stay in Harpers Ferry with Harry Bruell tomorrow night.

On Thursday, Larry DeHof will crew for Jim most of the day. Larry, however, has to leave about 2 PM. Hopefully, Jim will be pretty close by then. So if you want to help bring Jim in those last few miles let me know.

I will try to keep you up to date on Jim's progress. I sort of hope he doesn't finish until after 6 pm to make it easier for us all to meet him at the zero mile post!

Tue, 10 AM Jim calls. He is at home and letting his back recover. He will not run today. His current plan is to finish it up during the day tomorrow and Thursday. This is very doable if his back will cooperate.

Snyders Landing to Whites Ferry is 41.1 miles and would take just under 14 hours at 20 minute pace. Then Whites Ferry to Georgetown is 35.5 miles and would take just under 12 hours at 20 minute pace.

Frankly, that would be pretty easy if you had not just run 300 miles, your back didn't hurt, and if the temperature and the humidity were not both going to be in the 90s.

Jim is motivated to finsish the run. As he said, "This is getting too much like a job!" He will need help. If you would like to crew or run along tomorrow or Thursday, please let me know. E-mail me at anstr@att.net. I will check my e-mail from work during my authorized break times!

Mon, 3 PM: Jim called me from home. He was popping his blisters. He was very happy to find a bunch of contributions in his mail when he returned.

Jim is going to finish this sucker, the only question is when. He is not sure what will happen when he goes back to the canal tomorrow. His current plan will be to go back to Snyder's Landing tomorrow and see what he can do during the day. He will not go all night. Rebecca and Terry will crew for him. At this point, he doesn't want to impose on anyone else as he is unsure what he can do.

Terry will have to go home after tomorrow. So starting on Wednesday, Jim will again need support from us. I think I know the "usual suspects" to round up for that but please let me know if you want to help. Let's see what happens tomorrow, and then we can plan for Wednesday.

Mon, 11:30 AM: The phone rings about an hour ago and it’s Jim on the line. This is the first time he has called. He has too much back pain and needs rest. He is at Snyders Landing. He would go to a motel but he probably couldn’t get in this early. So he will drive back to his home in Alexandria. He plans to go back out and finish it tomorrow and the next day. He promises to call me when he gets home and give me his new schedule. At that time, we can try to rearrange some support. He still plans to finish this sucker.

I know that he is disappointed that he has to leave the path again. But he has accomplished a lot already. He has gone almost 300 miles and is more than half way back on the return trip. He ran the complete length of the canal in 2 days, 18 hours, and 37 minutes. I will post his amended plans here when I get them.

John Dodds and Gary Knipling went out to meet Jim last night. Excerpts of his report follow. This sounds like a pretty good endorsement of Larry’s massages!

Gary and I left my house around 10; we had to go tohis wife's sister's house near Ballston to pick up a gift from Keith toJames: a talking beer bottle opener. We got to McMahon's Mill just beforemidnight and started up the canal. We came across James in a very shorttime. Gary was running, and I was on my bike. I was dispatched back to letLarry [DeHof] know that James wanted another massage. When James came in to the"aid station," all he had to do was lie down on the table. Bill [Turrentine] also got amassage. Gary and I decided not to ask for a message because we hadn't doneanything. But it sure looked relaxing. I would say it was about 0100 whenwe left there for the road section. We got to Dam #4 at 0252. Jamesdecided to take a 2-hour nap.

Gary had originally planned to go to Taylors Landing (and I would ride my bike back to my van and then proceed to Taylors Landing), but with James'change of plans, we decided against it. I rode my bike back to McMahon'sMill, got my van and came back to Dam #4 to pick Gary up. Although it tookalmost 2 hours to walk from the mill to the dam, it only took me 20 minutesto get back on my bike. Having a bike allows you a lot of flexibility inyour plans.

I was surprised at Jim's "list" as you call it. It seemed that he was ableto make the progress last night based on Larry's massages. He's got a tough2 days/nights coming up because of his condition and the heat. But he is invery good spirits based on his sense of humor. Example: when I turned aroundat Dam #4, he was sitting in the van and asked me if I wanted him toaccompany me back. I told him I didn't want to slow him down. We got back to Arlington at 0530. I came to work then and took a nap on a metal bench in the athletic club. A lot of driving just to walk 2 hours, but Gary and I both decided that it was well worth it.

Mon, 7:30 AM: Well Jim is finally going to get the hot weather that one would expect for this run. It's going to be hot today and tomorrow. He is at Taylor's Landing now. Today, he will basically do the JFK portion of the canal backwards. His plan is to go to Weaverton and then stop for the night. He will try to get a good night's sleep and then start early Tuesday and finish it up. At this pace, that will be a long run.

Larry DeHof gave Jim two massages that really helped his back. But his back is still giving him troubles. John Doss and Gary Knipling also joined Jim for awhile last night. As you can see from the chart below, Jim's pace has really deteriorated. It's a long slow struggle now.

Jim will go without a "pacer" today. He just wants to be alone, which is understandable. (Al and Pam Gowen were prepared to help today and not won't be needed. Thanks for volunteering!) For future crew needs, we will not need anyone tonight, but we do need someone for tomorrow and tomorrow night. Let me know if you can help. At least now you don't have to drive very far!

Sun, 9 PM: Jim as left Williamsport. He has under 100 miles to go!

Larry DeHof gave him a professional massage at Williamsport. Hopefully, that will help his back.

Jim got over an hour of sleep at Dam 5. He will probably sleep again tonight.

Poor Carolyn has been with Jim all the way but has to go back to work on Tuesday. She is like Moses not seeing the Promised Land! So anyone who wants to crew the home strech on Tuesday, let me know.

Alan and Pam Gowen will take care of Jim tomorrow during the day. Joe Clapper will help at night. Anyone else who would like to go along is welcome. Just remember, you have to provide your own transportation. Jim has people to give him stuff at the check points. What he needs is someone to "run" with him. You do not need to "run" very fast!

Sun, 3:30 PM: Much to report. Jim reached Little Orleans at 5:23 PM yesterday and then went to the motel in Hancock. He got up at 12:30 AM and they drove him back to Little Orleans where he, Bill Turrentine, and Carolyn ran with toward Hancock.

Jim arrived at Hancock at about 7 AM. Bill Wandel and I ran out to meet him. There was quite a crowd at Hancock including Joe and Kathy Malinowski who handed Jim over $300 in pledges from the RidgeRunners. Jim was looking ok except for his lean. Apparently, someone told him that he was leaning to the side while running so he compensated for it and caused some muscle soreness in his back. He was walking and running with his hand on his back. It did not look too comfortable.

Jim's run was not much faster than his walk. He is not moving fast, but he is moving steadily. As the pictures I took show, he still has a smile on his face. After a ten minute break at Hancock, he went off with Bill Wandel, Bill Turrentine, and Joe in tow.

Jim's next stop was Little Pool which looked to me like the Poison Ivy Capital of the World. It was beautiful, however. There was shade and it was cool, almost cold! Jim took his 10 minute break and pressed on.

I then left to return to my reporting duties. I have since heard from them at Dam 5. John Snyder was going to prepare a meal for Jim and they also had a birthday party for him. (Today is Jim's birthday.) Jim decided to rest there. So he is "down" now at Dam 5. I expect he will get started around 4 or 5 this afternoon.

Jim is making slow but steady progress. He will soon be under 100 miles to go. It looks now as if he will finish on Tuesday. If you are crewing for him or want to meet him, check here often and feel free to call to check on the most up-to-date information.

Finally, Jim said that last night at the motel, two young people each gave Jim $20 for the cause. We should be way over $6,000 by now.

Sat, 1:30 PM: Carolyn calls from Hancock. Jim is very tired. She is glad that Bill Sublett is with them. He is fresh and keeping track of Jim and Bill Turrentine. Their current plan is to go on to Little Orleans and stop there. (That's 15 miles from Paw Paw. It will take about 5 hours at the rate they are going.) They will drive Jim from Little Orleans to Hancock and he will sleep there. They will then get up early Sunday morning and drive back to Little Orleans (a 40 minute trip) and start early enough to get to Hancock by 6 AM and connect up with all of the rest of the plans for Sunday.

This is a good plan, but it's pretty obvious that Jim will again need rest between Hancock and the finish. There will need to be some flexibility here!

Jeanne Christie has joined Larry DeHof's dollar a mile challenge. So she is already in for $214 and will soon be in for $229. Anyone want to join her?

Sat, 10:30 AM: Carolyn called Town Creek where Jim and come and gone. He picked up the pace during that stretch. Probably the fresh legs of Bill Sublett.

I have put up pictures that Mike Smith sent me. Mike was with Jim on Thursday and Friday. ...Pictures from Mike Smith!

Sat, 9 AM: Carolyn called from Town Creek. They are on the way back! Every step now is in the right direction.

There are still a lot of steps to go and the steps aren't going too fast. He is moving at about 20 minute pace. At this rate, he will be in late to Hancock. But the Sunday plan is still on for now. Stay tuned! (The chart below uses a 20 minute pace to predict times to Hancock and an 18 minute pace to predict times after Hancock.

Bill Sublett has joined Jim so now there is a trio out there. (Bill Turrentine is running with him also.) Jim is tired.

Should I tell them that anyone is following his exploits?

Fri, 11 PM: Carolyn just called. They are waiting in "Candoc." ("Candoc" means "C and O Canal.") They are waiting for Jim. This point is just short of four miles from the turn around point in Cumberland.

Jim was doing well, but is slowing down now. He took a long break at Lock 74 which is near Lock 75. He is still on pace to get back to Hancock in a good time to get a good night's sleep on saturday night and make the final push. But the rest of the night will be very hard.

Carolyn seemed in good spirits and Rebecca was in the background and she seemed fine too. What a dream vacation for them!

I extracted a promise for a report in the morning. Hope to have a report then. That will tell the tale as to whether this is going to work or not. This is the moment of truth!

Fri, 4:15 PM: Mike Smith called in from Oldtown. He gave me the Town Creek arrival times. Jim is keeping to a good pace.

Fri, 1:30 PM: It's a great day for American athletes. Tiger shot three under at the British Open, Lance got third in today's stage of the Tour de France and put more time on this close competitors, and James is kicking butt!

Carolyn called in a little after noon. They were waiting at Paw Paw for Jim. He is doing well today. His pace will allow him some rest time to make his planned return tomorrow evening to Hancock. The weather is good and Jim is in good sprirts. He started from Hancock this morning just before 6 AM.

I need to fiddle with my spreadsheet some more to make the later predictions be more helpful. Take any prediction below after Hancock on the way back with a lot of salt.

Fri, 10 AM: Have not heard from Carolyn this morning and don't expect to for awhile. The canal (and the river) heads south into the boonies. Aid and cell phone coverage will be sparce. Bill Turrentine is runing with Jim, I believe and there is plenty of crew support for now.

The good news is that the long parts without aid will be in the daylight. They are the part closer to Hancock. As the canal approaches Cumberland, there is easier road access. As it stands now, Jim will see beautiful Cumberland in the middle of the night.

This is a great day to follow the exploits of super American athletetes. You can follow Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France, Tiger Woods in the British Open, and James Moore on the C&O Canal.

Thurs, 9 PM Jim is moving fine, but it's obvious that he is not going to be able to do this without sleep. I spoke to Carolyn a few minutes ago. They are in Hancock and stopping there for the night. They are off to a motel. I am supposed to be calculating a new schedule for Jim. It is below.

If Jim leaves at 6 AM tomorrow and if he can keep the over all 18 min pace, he will get to Cumberland at midnight tomorrow. He can then get back to Hancock Saturday evening and spend the night there. If he then leaves Hancock Sunday morning, then he should be able to finish Monday evening. Anyway, that is a plan. Stay tuned to see if that it what really happens!

The table below tries to replicate the plan above. If you were planning to meet Jim, please check the plan. I will contact you if we know about your offer to help.

Thurs, 1 PM: Carolyn called from Williamsport. He should be there soon. He is going well but not fast and his rest breaks are eating into his time. If you are planning to meet him, be sure to check here first. He is behind the schedule we were planning on.

Marge has stopped running with him, having gone all night. Mike Smith will meet him this afternoon by running back from Hancock. Bob Coyne will ride on a bike from Paw Paw back to meet Jim in Hancock and ride during the night. (Bob has to leave early tomorrow morning go to Vermont to do the 100 miler!) Bill Turrentine will also meet Jim in Hancock.

Just about now, everyone is seeing the enormity of this undertaking. Jim can do it, but it will be rough!

We will likely be looking for helpers for Sunday night and Monday. If you can help then, let me know.

Thur, 8 AM Carolyn called in for the first report of the day. Jim had taken another hour nap. They figured to nap during dark and move during the night. Since it's not brutally hot, this seems like a good plan. Jim had just left Dam 4, going off the towpath, as Carolyn called. Jim had had a gourmet breakfast cooked by Stan.

Then don't plan any long breaks between here and Hancock. My estimate of arrival at Hancock now is early evening.

Spoke to Rebecca also. She seemed in good spirits and claimed that she had gotten some sleep. I passed on the good wishes from Jim's "baby sister."

Thur, 7 AM Carolyn called back from Harpers Ferry. Jim had eaten and slept for almost an hour. She was happy that she had gotten him to take some rest. Marge was with him as we went off on the JFK course. The next planned rest stop was going to be this morning at Williamsport.

Jim received a message from his family:

Hey, James!
We have our pom-poms out and cheering you on down here! We could send you some smothered pork chops and collard greens (smile). Hope to send a donation later. Take care and much love to you!!

Your Sis & Family
The Taylors (Biloxi, MS)

Wed, 9:00 PM Carolyn called from Harpers Ferry. (She is at the JFK aid station that is just upstream from the Harpers Ferry bridge.) Jim was expected any minute. They are all pretty happy because Jim is ahead of where he planned to be and he is willing to take a rest. They hope to keep him "down" for at least a half hour at this aid station.

Stan and Marge have arrived and will help through the night.

Carolyn reported that the Exon Station at Falls Road and River Road in Potomac was fantastic this morning. Rebecca and son Terry noticed that Jim's van had a burned out head light. The Exon station was very helpful in getting them back on the road quickly so that they did not miss a check point. Go by some gas from them!

Carolyn also wanted it noted that she had to wait for a train in Brunswick. It had exactly 155 cars. She counted them!

Wed, 8 PM Jim keeps plugging along. He should make good time to Harpers Ferry. Carolyn reports all ok from Brunswick. They expect to meet Stan and Marge at Weaverton. They will take Jim through the night. The "easy" part is drawing to a close!

Wed, 4:15 PM Rebecca called from Monocracy Aquaduct. Jim was due in any minute and has probably been there by now. He is doing well and continuing to eat. They had a lot of rain earlier but it has apparently let up some now and it's getting warmer. If the weather report is right (?) the weather should improve tomorrow.

Wed, 12:30 PM Carolyn called to say that Jim had left Sycamore Landing. He had taken 12 minutes to eat. He was eating well and looking good. She mentioned that they had received a "real down pour." She promised to call from Whites Ferry. I was on the phone when she called, this was just voice mail. So I don't have real times at Swains Lock or Seneca Creek.

Wed, 8:30 AM Rebecca called in from Carderock. Jim was feeling good and doing fine. There is a little rain out there. He left at 8:05. I would think that the time predictions for the next few check points should be pretty accurate. He should maintain a pretty steady pace for awhile.

Wed, 8 AM: It has started. I meet James, Rebecca, their son Terry and daughter Denise, and Carolyn at the Thompson's Boathouse parking lot. It's a warm morning but at least Jim is not sweating already as he was in 1999. We walk to the zero milepost. Jim admits that he got little sleep last night. He won't get much sleep again for a long time!

We dutifully wait for 6 AM. It's nice out. We watch the water in the Potomac noting that some of it has come from where Jim is going. A couple of pictures and then it's time to go. Jim runs off on his adventure leaving us alone.

I say my farewells to Carolyn, Rebecca, and Terry who will venture west with Jim. They will have as much of an adventure as he will. I then bike out the Capital Crescent Trail to Fletcher's Boathouse, the 3.1 mile point.

My wait for Jim is a short one. Before 6:35, he comes in. He is going too fast, of course, but the towpath will cure him of that. He is in good spirits. Tops off with water, drinks some Gatoraid, and takes a granola bar and a Gu. (Amazingly, I had found a Gu that is not out of date!) Jim runs off down the towpath and on to his quest.

On my way back down river and into work, I stop at the Washington Harbor by Thompson's Boathouse. I sit and drink a coffee and look upstream at the Key Bridge, downstream at the Kennedy, Center, and over at Roosevelt Island. It is cool and moist by the river. Being up and out this time of day is like being on vacation. I need to do this more often! Jim's adventure has acted as an inspiration for me already.

I expect to be getting frequent updates from Carolyn. I will post them here.

Only one day left before the start! I called James this afternoon to wish him well, but he was sleeping! Great, he will need it. The weather looks as if it could be worse.

Carolyn Gernand is the key to all of this. She is incredibly organized. She has scouted the course for good places to park and give aid. She has done detailed planning of Jim's schedule. At this point, however, Jim is resisting very many rest stops. So the rest stops in the table below are just guesses.

If you want to come down and see Jim off Wednesday morning, please do so. I put some parking suggestions on the main page. Carolyn says that the roads don't become one way down there until well after 6 AM so you can get out and on your way after our hero departs.

Progress Chart

NOTE: The times at points marked with an * are estimates. The related paces for those points are not accurate. The Pace is the overall pace to that point including rest periods. The Section Pace is the pace between sections.

Place--MP Cum
MP, 06:000:000:000:00
Fletchers--, 06:350:3410:5810:58
Carderock (W end)--, 08:052:0411:1611:23
Great Falls*--14.314.33.3Wed, 08:452:4511:3212:4100:00
Swains Lock--16.616.62.3Wed, 09:233:2312:1312:1000:10
Seneca Cr--22.822.86.2Wed, 10:554:5512:5613:2300:09
Sycamore Lnd--, 12:056:0513:2513:1000:12
Whites Fy--35.535.58.3Wed, 14:208:2014:0514:4100:13
Monocracy Aq--, 16:0410:0414:1814:3700:06
Point of Rocks--, 17:4811:4814:4115:3000:11
Brunswick--, 19:3713:3714:5114:5100:08
AT Joins--, 20:3414:3415:0414:2000:14
JFK AS by H Ferry--61.661.63.6Wed, 22:3616:3616:1015:4901:05
Dargan Bend*--64.964.93.3Wed, 23:3517:3516:1517:5200:00
Antietam Aq--69.369.34.4Thu, 01:0019:0016:2717:3000:08
Shepherstown--, 02:0520:0516:4118:5700:10
Snyders Lnd--76.676.64.4Thu, 05:0523:0518:0417:1601:44
Taylors Lnd--80.980.94.3Thu, 06:2924:2918:0916:0200:15
Dam 4--84.484.43.5Thu, 07:4725:4718:1915:4200:23
McMahons Mill--, 09:3527:3518:3417:5200:24
Rod and Gun Club--93.994.95.8Thu, 11:4129:4118:4618:3700:18
Wm'sp't (Cushwa Basin)--99.8100.811.7Thu, 13:3331:3318:4617:1700:10
Dam 5--107.4108.47.6Thu, 15:1833:1818:2512:3700:09
Four Locks*--109.2110.21.8Thu, 16:0034:0018:3023:2000:00
Ft. Fred. SP--112.4113.43.2Thu, 16:5334:5318:2713:0700:11
Little Pool--120.1121.110.9Thu, 19:0037:0018:1916:2900:00
Hancock--124.2125.24.1Fri, 05:5847:5822:5914:0810:00
Cohil Station*--131.3132.37.1Fri, 07:3049:3022:2612:5700:00
Little Orleans--140.9141.99.6Fri, 09:5051:5021:5513:0100:15
Paw Paw--156.5157.515.6Fri, 13:4955:4921:1513:5000:23
Town Ck Aq--162.3163.35.8Fri, 15:2357:2321:0515:1000:06
Oldtown--167.0168.04.7Fri, 16:4758:4720:5914:2800:16
Spring Gap--173.3174.36.3Fri, 18:5860:5820:5919:5900:05
Lock 75--175.6176.62.3Fri, 22:0464:0421:4614:4602:32
Cumberland--184.5185.58.9Sat, 00:3766:3721:3216:3700:05
Lock 75--175.6194.48.9Sat, 04:0270:0221:3621:0700:17
Spring Gap--173.3196.72.3Sat, 05:3871:3821:5120:2600:49
Oldtown--167.0203.06.3Sat, 08:1174:1121:5520:4700:22
Town Ck Aq--162.3207.74.7Sat, 09:2775:2721:4714:1500:09
Paw Paw--156.5214.06.3Sat, 12:0078:0021:5224:1700:00
Little Orleans--140.9229.115.1Sun, 02:0492:0424:0621:2308:41
Cohil Station*--131.3238.79.6Sun, 04:3094:3023:4515:1200:00
Hancock--124.2245.87.1Sun, 07:1797:1723:4422:0600:10
Little Pool--120.1255.09.2Sun, 08:4398:4323:138:1500:10
Ft. Fred. SP--112.4257.62.6Sun, 11:20101:2023:3653:2700:18
Four Locks*--109.2260.83.2Sun, 12:42102:4223:3722:3000:10
Dam 5--107.4262.61.8Sun, 16:22106:2224:1825:3302:54
Wm'sp't (Cushwa Basin)--99.8270.27.6Sun, 20:03110:0324:2621:2600:58
McMahons Mill--88.1281.911.7Mon, 01:00115:0024:2821:5700:40
Dam 4--84.4286.64.7Mon, 05:20119:2024:5823:3702:29
Taylors Lnd--80.9290.13.5Mon, 08:08122:0825:1527:2501:12
Snyders Lnd*--76.6294.44.3Wed, 06:06168:0634:1523:2944:17
Shepherstown*--72.2298.84.4Wed, 07:37169:3734:0320:1300:02
Antietam Aq*--69.3301.72.9Wed, 08:21170:2133:5215:1000:00
Dargan Bend*--64.9306.14.4Wed, 10:02172:0233:4322:4300:01
JFK AS by H Ferry--61.6309.43.3Wed, 12:04174:0433:4536:5800:00
AT Joins--58.0313.03.6Wed, 13:50175:5033:4226:3900:10
Brunswick*--55.0316.03.0Wed, 15:00177:0033:3623:2000:00
Point of Rocks--48.2322.86.8Thu, 06:23192:2335:4529:5112:00
Monocracy Aq*--42.2328.86.0Thu, 08:30194:3035:2921:1000:00
Whites Fy*--35.5335.56.7Thu, 10:00196:0035:0313:2500:00
Sycamore Lnd--27.2343.88.3Fri, 7:10217:1034:4521:5800:00
Seneca Cr*--22.8348.24.4Fri, 8:30218:3037:5318:1018:00
Swains Lock*--16.6354.46.2Fri, 11:30221:3037:3924:1100:00
Great Falls*--14.3356.72.3Fri, 13:30223:3037:3029:0500:30
Carderock (W end)*--11.0360.03.3Fri, 14:30224:3037:3518:1001:00
Fletchers*--3.1367.97.9Fri, 17:00227:0037:2518:5900:00
MP 0.0371.03.1Fri, 18:01228:0136:5219:4000:00

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