Candidate Statement: Dan Aghdam

Dan AghdamI joined VHTRC about six years ago. At the time, I also belonged to two other running clubs. As I participated in more and more events, I started noticing the great many differences between VHTRC and the other two clubs of which I was a member. I noticed the care and friendliness of the members as well as the club’s adherence to its principals. I noticed that our club is made of a group of people who REALLY enjoy running and has leaders who are not there to promote themselves.  Rather, they are there to preserve the culture and heritage of VHTRC. It was great to see that during each event the members of the board remained in the background and allowed the race/event personnel to do their jobs. I also noticed that our club did not accept help from big-name companies during races if they required specific advertisements. I believe this is because preservation of our club’s culture and heritage is so important to all members.

As I run in various events, I sometimes wonder what will happen to our club ten or twenty years from now. Will it stay true to its founding principles? Will it become another club that caters to various companies just to receive support? Will there be as much care and interest in maintaining the way VHTRC does things?

To “pay it forward” and to help ensure the integrity of VHTRC, I am obligated to help the club find solutions to the challenges ahead.   My single goal, if I am elected, is to do everything I can to preserve and maintain the unique and honorable standards of VHTRC.  This is my way of saying “thank you” for the friendships, care, and everything “in between” that VHTRC and its wonderful members have provided me for the last six years.