Candidate Statement: Katie Keier

Katie KeierI’m excited to be running for the VHTRC board for 2013. I’ve been a member of VHTRC for several years and I would love the opportunity to give back to a club that has helped me grow so much as a runner. As a participant in the Women’s Half Marathon for several years, Bull Run Run for two years, Catherines FA, Elizabeth Furnace, The Ring, MGM, the 4th of July Trifecta, Hot TWOT and as a volunteer for MMT, I’ve had the opportunity to see first-hand the dedication, joy and commitment that VHTRC members and race organizers have.  I would like to be a part of the board to support the club as it continues to put on excellent events and embraces a quickly growing sport – while staying true to what the VHTRC stands for. There is something very special in VHTRC events that you just don’t always see at other events. I don’t take it for granted and want to do whatever I can do to help keep the club growing, running and maintaining the traditions that make it an exemplar in the sport.

Member involvement is a key piece of having a successful club. I would like to see more fat asses and events created and carried out by members. I think the board can support these ventures and encourage even more fun running events to be held in VHTRC style. I think it is very important to welcome new runners while encouraging all members to play an active role in the club. I hope to help VHTRC continue the strong traditions and reputation that it has, while embracing changes that are inevitable as the number of members increase and our sport evolves. I feel that it’s important to recognize and celebrate the diversity in ages, backgrounds and running experience that our members represent. We now have teenagers in the club as aspiring and successful runners and I would like to see them be mentored and supported by the more experienced trail runners in our club. They are the future of our sport and the VHTRC has a great opportunity to help shape a new generation of runners while honoring and respecting the legends that have contributed so much to trail running.

There is just nothing like running for hours on beautiful trails with friends. I hope to see our club mentoring our youngest runners, encouraging members to take on what may seem like impossible goals, creating new events, continuing longstanding traditions, celebrating the successes of our members, maintaining the trails that we all love and the relationships with parks and forests, upholding the reputation that VHTRC has, and providing that happy place for us for many years to come. It would be an honor to serve on the board for the VHTRC. Run happy, friends!