Human Body Meant to Run?

An interesting article in the NY Times. The Human Body is Built for Distance


I'm not sure whether it supports or undermines McDougall's thesis regarding the Tarahumaras, but whenever I read about what magnificent runners they are, I'm reminded that, although this reputation is centuries old, the Tarahumaras were apparently impressed in turn by a Jesuit missionary in the 1760s, who "became something of a legend in his own time. This was Father Hermann Glandorff, who was reputed to have accomplished such feats of travel on foot in the rugged country and such successful ministration to the sick and dying that he came to ber looked on as having special supernatural powers by the Tarahumaras..." (Edward H. Spicer, "Cycles of Conquest," 1962). Perhaps nowadays the Tarahumaras feel the same way about Scott Jurek and the various other trail runners who, after all, generally defeat them.