Veterans Day

"The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month"


Here are Charlie Miracle's photos from the traditional Veteran's Day run. (See Comments)


So is a portion of the VHTRC crew going to run the monuments as in years past?  Time? Place? for gathering?

Nothing "official."  I will be at Iwo as usual.  I am thinking 7:30 or 8:00; feel free to speak up if you have a preference.

How 'bout 8:00am - I'll be there.

Most of the usual suspects failed to show (including our fearless leader, reportedly cavorting in the mountains), so we took a new route. Starting from the Marine Corps Memorial, we then visited Arlington National Cemetery (to be sure to get in before the Pres). After visiting our traditional haunts at the Korean, Lincoln, Vietnam, and WWII memorials, we headed back toward VA, to catch the DC Veterans Memorial, FDR’s Memorial, the Pentagon Memorial and finally the Air Force Memorial. As most will know, those Air Force folk are a bunch of panty-waists – we were the only folks there on this fine fall day. Carolyn was the hit of the day, with both vets and tourists – one of them called her “cute”! We agreed that “cute” was the most positive adjective that woman could probably come up with, and certainly had nothing to do with Carolyn’s appearance …


Happy trails!