MLK Weekend training runs are now full

Massanuttten Training Academy director Tom CorrisWell, who knew running on the rocky trails of the Massanuttens could get this popular.  The Saturday January 16 Massanutten Training Academy run #1 from Elizabeth Furnace to Camp Roosevelt, hosted by Tom & Kirstin Corris, has filled in one afternoon, and entry is closed.  The Sunday, January 17 "Catherines 8" run, is also now closed to new entrants.   

Current entrants
 to the Cat 8 run.

The Saturday run was capped due to logistical concerns at around 40 runners, with entry priority going to those in the MMT 100 field.  The Sunday run has been capped at 75 by Forest Service regulations.


Questions about Catherines 8 may be directed to Quatro Hubbard, while contact information for Tom Corris may be found on the Training Academy webpage.

Volunteers for both events are eagerly sought!!  Particularly for the MMT Training Academy Run on Saturday.  Please email Tom and/or Quatro if you are available to help on either day.