Wasatch Front 100

Neil Gorman, Dave Yeakel, and Ed Cacciapaglia finished the Wasatch 100 miler in Utah on September 12. Neil was eighth overall.  Event Web site | Results


Congratulations Dave and Ed! Guess the extra miles at MMB paid off :-)

Neal, also a club member (and member of WUS), finished in a stellar 22:44.  This is his 3rd 100 this summer, following up on fine performances at MMT and Vermont.   Way to go Neal!! and all VHTRC finishers!

A special thanks to Monika Kasinova, who paced me from Brighton to the finish. Thanks to Mike Evans of Salt Lake City, who was my impromtu pacer from Mill Creek to Brighton after his runner decided 61 miles was enough. Thanks to Dave Yeakel, Russ Evans and others for lots of help and advice with my training.


Congratulations to Neal Gorman for leading the VHTRC contingent with an 8th place finish and entry into the Royal Order of the Crimson Cheetah. Congratulations to Dave Yeakel on a fine 31:36 finish. I was the caboose for the Blue Train coming in at 34:27.


The course was dusty and dry this year and the weather was mostly warm or hot, except at Mill Creek, where it is always cold. It was great seeing Marti Kovener out there pacing her friend, Eva, then later at the base of Catherine's Pass, where we saw 2 moose butting heads as the sun was rising over the mountains.


The race management is highly organized without the hype of Western States. I highly recommend this race!