Great Eastern 100k

Jeff Wilbur reports:

"In an uncoordinated sting operation, the Leesburg Mafia operations were disrupted at GEER this weekend. Led by the activities of Steve Core who, after giving the correct directions to another runner, failed to follow his own directions and very early in the 100k found himself at the finish line of the half marathon - day over. Meanwhile Sean Andrish, also entered in the 100k, pulled off the improbable double - DNF and win - dropping from the 100 and winning the 50k. Harlan Peele (at this reporters last sighting) was still in contention for a high 100k finish, though he did pick up wrong way Core as a pacer at mile 47.  Weather conditions were good early, overcast and cool, though the afternoon and evening wind and rain pushed the hypothermia limit for many -  Mark Lundblad won the 100k and set a course record but missed the 10 hour cash prize by just over a minute! A wet time was had by all. 


Jeff Wilbur (aid station 15 and 47)


It was one nasty night out there in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  My son and I put out chem lights.  The thermometer in the car said 56 degrees, and it was significantly cooler up on Bald Mountain.  Oh, did I mention it was pouring down rain the whole time we were out there?