Pastalkova and Frazier Finish TWOT 100 - UPDATED with Results

Eva Pastalkova and David Frazier finished The Wild Oak Trail 100 mile (TWOT) in 31:50 on February 12. Eva became the second female to finish the run, bettering Sue Johnston's time of 34:02:57.  Keith Knipling still has the overall TWOT record of 27:11:10.  Results and updated all time lists are now available. Photo by Quatro at right is of finishers Eva and David (left and right) with Dennis (center). Results (including all time lists) Photos: Quatro | Stephanie Wilson


Eva and David now own the TWOT course record.  The 27:11:10 was at Hot TWOT, which is generally easier than TWOT (more favorable conditions and better weather) and is a different event altogether.  The new bar is now 31:50 for TWOT.  Congrats, Eva and David!