Stuff It

VHTRC is remarkably like that couple who began married life in a modest house, raised their family, put on an addition, enjoyed the visits from the grandchildren, fixed up the basement, installed several little storage buildings in the back yard, and never, ever, moved.

We have stuff.  A whole lot of stuff.

During the Bull Run Run, when you come to the Marina aid station, you probably don't ask yourself where those coolers full of water and Gatorade came from, do you?  At last count VHTRC owned nineteen of those things.  When that smiling volunteer filled your hydration pack, she was probably using a club owned pitcher. 

During MMT, in the middle of the night when you finally drag your sorry ass into the Visitor Center aid station, and it's raining, and you are sitting under a portable shelter with lights strung all over it, if I know you, you probably didn't ask yourself where that shelter and the generator that's powering those lights came from now did you?  Yup.  We own those things too.  And when the smiling volunteer hands you your drop bag at Gap #1, rest assured it arrived in one of the gazillion plastic tubs the club owns.

How about Mike's bitchin' sound system that's cooler than the one SONRAP put in the old Nash Rambler?  Well it really isn't Mike's.  We own that too.

VHTRC, by its very definition a running club, somehow survived seventeen years without owning a clock.  We cleared that little oversight up a year ago when we purchased that really cool display clock you'll be staring at as you streak across the Bull Run Run finish line.  Yup.  We also own those colored pennants and even those bollards they're hung from to form the finish chute.

Our clock was kind of expensive, but now with the help of Anstr's timing crew we have control of all our timing needs.  And we've already rented out our clock, and will continue to do so when given the opportunity.

Our race directors know they have all sorts of stuff at their disposal.  Unlike that old couple who never moved and just kept acquiring stuff, we use all our stuff, and it enhances our ability to continue to put on great events.

So if you ever wondered where your cheap dues and rock bottom race entry fees go, just remember that now we can all proudly stuff it.

Check out a list of some of our STUFF.  And if you have any comments or concerns about Stuff, or anything else, please just shoot me an email.

Happy Trails