Bull Run Run History

Blackburn's FordThe First Battle of Manassass occurred on July 21, 1861 -- 150 years ago.  Why did they have the battle in the summer's heat?  That wasn't smart.  We decided to have the Bull Run Run in April.


Picture at right is of Blackburn's Ford where the first skirmish occurred on July 18.  Presently, this is where route 28, Centreville Road, crosses the Bull Run. It is also the site of the first aid station at the Bull Run Run 50 Mile. More information


A reenactment of this battle is planned and as I have done volunteer work on the trails at Manassass Battlefield I am on a list and therefore recieved a notice yesterday (7/18) that they are still looking for volunteers for all sorts of things related to the event - the contact listed was: Michelle Mobley, 202-359-1957 (cell).