David Snipes Completes The Last Great Race

Dave SnipesBy finishing the Wasatch Front 100 miler in Utah on September 10th, David Snipes became the 36th confirmed finisher of The Last Great Race.  The Last Great Race consists of the Grand Slam 100 milers (Western States, Vermont, Leadville, and Wasatch), and Old Dominion and Angeles Crest.  Sniper is the only runner to complete the LGR this year, the first to finish it since 2007, the first Virginian and the first VHTRC member to complete it since Mike Bur in 2003.  For extra grins and giggles, Sniper also completed MMT and the CAT 100 this year, and rumor has it he will be running Grindstone, and then one or two more before he shuts it down for this year.  Congratulations, David! -  Last Great Race site