Patapsco 50K++ Fat Ass

Distance: 33.6
Saturday, March 29, 2014

Meeting Place: Patapsco Valley State Park, Hollofield Area, Pavillion No. 300
Start Time: 
7:00 am

Cancelled Due to RAINThe plug has been pulled by the Park due to concerns about trail damage caused by trail use during the rain that is forecast for today and the heavy rain forecast for tomorrow. Come out and play in the sweet smooth and flowy river-valley singletrack that Patapsco Valley State Park has to offer! This run consists of (1) lap of the "Dixon Loop", a collection of trails designed and built for the Patapsco 100 mountain bike race. There are short "punchy" climbs, several logs to hop over, and not too many rocks. There are two river crossings, which are about knee- to thigh-deep (on a 6' tall man) in normal river conditions, so be prepared to get wet! This is a "fat-ass" run; no fee, no frills! We'll have 3 aid stops / water drops, one of which you will hit twice (Woodstock loop). Expect to see water, gatorade, and some snacks. Your entry "fee" will be a small contribution to the aid stash, in the vein of a gallon of water, tube of Pringles, etc. Entry will be via email: the 1st 40 runners who email me at starting on Monday January 6 will be in! Simple as that. You'll have to fill out a little waiver before you run so the park is happy. Volunteers are more than welcome! We need help marking the course, manning aid stations, sweeping, and with course cleanup. Also! There will be an *opportunity for trail work at Patapsco* associated with this event; if you want to get some local trail work hours in to fulfill an entry requirement for a Race or just want to give back to the local trails that are so awesome, please contact me. This is billed as a training run, but there will be a clock running and maybe some results somewhere if you care about such things. Mainly it's just an excuse to get out and have a good time on some great trails at Patapsco! Pesky Details: March 29, 7AM start, 9-hour time limit Patapsco Valley State Park, Hollofield Area, Pavillion 300 Entry opens Monday, January 6, limit 40 runners Course: 33.6mi 4,776' Climb 80% Singletrack, 15% Fire road, 5% Paved Start: Hollofield Area Aid 1: Daniels Road, Approx. Mile 6 Aid 2: Woodstock Loop In, Approx. Mile 12 Aid 3: Woodstock Loop Out, Approx. Mile 20 Aid 4: Pickall, Approx Mile 27 Finish: Hollofield Area GPS Track here! Cheers, Jack

For more information, e-mail the run leader, Jack Anderson.

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