VHTRC speedsters shine at Mad City 100K

Matt Woods and Annette Bednosky qualified for the US 100K World Cup team at the Mad City Road 100K on Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin. Matt won the USATF 100K National Championship with a time of 7:06:21--an average of 6:51 per mile. Annette, the 2004 MMT women's champ and the 2005 BRR women's champ, finished second in her first 100K road race in 8:05. Results | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article | Annette's race report on her blog

Sean Andrish Wins Bel Monte 50km

Sean Andrish was the winner at the Bel Monte 50km held on March 27 in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville.  Brad Hinton was second. Neal Gorman at third, was the top VHTRC finisher in the 50 miler. There were several other VHTRC members in both races. Event Web site

Bill Gentry finishes 10th Umstead 100

The word from North Carolina this morning is that Bill Gentry earned his 1,000 mile buckle given to 10-time Umstead 100 finishers in 25:05. Bill Turrentine also finished in 23:08. Umstead web page | preliminary results

Elizabeth's Fat Ass 50km Report by Stephanie Wilson

From Stephanie Wilson: Recently I posted a brief comment on the VHTRC listserv with a link to photos that I took at Elizabeth Furnace 50k run. I received a number of emails subsequently from individuals who either couldn’t open the Picasa link or wished to receive a more detailed account of our run that day. I thought I’d post a race report here with (hopefully) a functional link to the photos of the run as well.

Jaret Seiberg Wins March Madness Contest

It was a runaway for Jaret Seiberg in the VHTRC March Madness Contest.  He even would have won had Butler made that last shot. The Selection Committee didn't do very well.  Final contest results | standings after the first week

No One Finishes the Reverse Ring - Surprise!

Six people completed what Quatro calls the the "Fish Hook 46 miler" - Signal Knob Parking lot to Camp Roosevelt. As he notes, this may be a preview of Camp Roosevelt's new status as a popular drop point at MMT. Results


Take Read More for reports during the event.

Awards Party

Amy Sproston and Sean Andrish took the top honors at the annual VHTRC awards party held on February 20.

Rocky Raccoon

Rocky Raccoon results. Read the comment from Rob Dolan.

Larry Ryan Wins Football Bowl Contest

Larry Ryan held on to a two game lead to win the 2009-10 VHTRC College Bowl Contest.  Kevin Bligan was second, and four people were tied for third. The contestants generally had difficulty predicting the many upsets that occurred. Some of us had more difficulty with that than others. Final contest results

Lost, but Happy, at the Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50km

Many happy, but confused runners enjoyed the annual VHTRC Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50km on December 12.  The day dawned cold, but clear,  reducing attendance but providing for great running. Thanks to Joe and Michele for their work on the event and to Gary Knipling and Bob Phillips for the second aid station.


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