Sabrina Moran First Female at Rocky Raccoon 100

Many VHTRC runners traveled to wet and muddy Huntsville, Texas for the Rocky Raccoon 50/100 on February 4-5. Sabrina was the first female finisher in 17:06. 78-year-old Ed Demoney finished the 50 mile in 17:14. RR results| Sabrina's report on her blog.

Neal Gorman sets Fastest Known Time on Charlottesville's Rivanna Trail

Neal set the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the 18.36 mile Rivanna Trail this morning in 2:09:47. After setting the record, he made a donation to the Rivanna Trails Foundation and threw out a challenge to the next person who tries to break his time. Read all about it on his blog.


On a side note...60+ VHTRC members made the trek south to Charlottesville in January 2005 to run the Rivanna Ring, but due to epic flooding two days before, we were re-routed off the trail on to road. Anstr and Sophie wrote accounts.

VHTRC Board - Hail and Farewell

We want to thank Quatro Hubbard and Paul Blackman for their service to the club as members of the VHTRC board.  Quatro served two terms on the board. He had several important roles, some of which he will continue, we hope.  Paul stepped forward to serve on the board when no one else would. He was very helpful in the board's work.  We know that Quatro and Paul will continue to serve the club. Thanks for all they have done.

Great Weather at Stone Mill and JFK

November 19 was a great day for running as two 50 mile races took place on and near the Potomac River -- the second Stone Mill 50 and the 49th JFK 50.

A Snowy Halloweeny

Reports and photos from this past weekend's Halloweeny 50 km up in the Harpers Ferry area have been rolling in.  As one of the 49 runners who did show to run in the wet and the snow (and amongst the falling tree limbs), I can't say enough about what a great job event directors' Sharon and Ted Lapkoff and their fantastic group of volunteers did.  They really embraced the challenging conditions, and made the event a great deal of fun.

For Ted's synopsis, and links to photos and reports, click Read More.

Magnus Gluteus Maximus RSVP is Open

Our first event, le Grande Dierriere, now known as the Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50km, will be held again at Hemlock Overlook on December 10.  The event is, as always, free. But this year we are trying a new system to have a better idea of who is coming. Full information on the RSVP process, which is open now, is on the MGM page.


Alan Gowen has posted a comment, "Branded," on the President's Page. You might find it interesting. President's latest post

Vermont 100 Mile

Many VHTRC members finished the Vermont 100 mile on July 16-17. Results are now available, but they are not easy to use. Congratulations to all the finishers!   Vermont Web site

Andrish Sets Age Group Record at Finger Lakes

Sean Andrish was second overall and first master at the Finger Lakes 50km in New York on July 2. Sean's time was 24 minutes faster that the former course record. There were a few of other VHTRC finishers and many familiar faces in the results.  Results | Finger Lakes Web page

MMT Runner Survey

Thanks to all who reponded to the 2011 survey of MMT runners.  We have compiled the results and summarized the comments. The report of the survey is now available.

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