San Diego 100 Mile

Thouigh we don't recognize any VHTRC finishers, we should note that Scott Mills was the RD for the San Diego 100 Mile on June 12-13.  The event had live updates. While the competition was close, we give the score in the live update contest as: SD100 2 - MMT 1. Congrats to Scotty!  He is now off to run Western $tates for the last time. SD 100 Web site

Laurel Highlands

Laurel Highlands, the oldest pure trail race in this area, was held on June 12-13.  Jim Harris was the leading VHTRC finisher in eighth place. Due to the closure of the bridge across the PA Turnpike, the course was seven miles longer this year. That and the warm weather made this year's event particularly brutal. You will also notice the MMT course record holder in the results. Results

Bobby Gill second at Old Dominion 100

Bobby Gill was second overall at the Old Dominion 100 mile on June 5 in Fort Valley. There were several other VHTRC finishers. Results | OD website | Bobby's report on his blog | Alyssa Godesky's report on her blog | Doug Sullivan's photos

Scott Brockmeier Wins 3 Days at the Fair

While 170 runners were taking on the Massanutten rocks this weekend, some VHTRC members were taking on a different challenge - running for 24-48 hours around a 0.85 mile loop in a county fairground in New Jersey.  Overcoming the desire to catch the pig races, and inspired by the cotton candy at the aid station, club member Scott Brockmeier was the overall winner in the 48 hour race, covering 240 laps, and Sandy Powell was 2nd woman and 4th overall.  VHTRC's Bill Gentry and Tom Sperduto also participated.


48 hour race results


Emily Grossman covered 100 laps in the 24 hour race.


24 hour race results

Bull Run Run Report from Tim Stanley

Tim has finished all Bull Run Runs. He talks about his streak in his report of this year's run. Tim's BRR Report


Alex Papadopoulos reports: "The ICY-8 became the ICKY-8 this past Saturday [May 1].  From 30 inches of snow and a cancellation to 90 degrees and sunny, runners took to the trails in Prince William Forest Park to see if the change in venue and temperatures would alter anything.  VHTRCers Brad Hinton and Johanna Lockner took top honous for overall male and female.  Ageless Mike Campbell finished a strong second overall.  Other VHRTCers included David Snipes, James Hinton, Caroline Williams, and Keith Hosman to name a few."  Results 

Amy Sproston Fourth Woman at Miwok 100K

Bryon Powell reported on the iRunFar Twitter feed that Amy Sproston finished as fourth woman at the MiWok 100K in California on May 1. Amy, who won MMT and BRR in 2009, was five minutes behind third place woman Krissy Moehl, finishing in just over 10 hours. Kami Semick was the first woman in 9:10. Anton Krupicka won in 8:02. Miwok website

Eva Pastalkova Takes Promise Land 50 km Female Title

Bobby Gill was the top VHTRC male finisher at David Horton's Promise Land 50km on April 24. Eva Pastalkova, who was second at Bull Run Run, was a half hour ahead of second place Justine Morrison. Eva now has the second fastest woman's time at Promise Land behind Anne Riddle Lundblad. Eva has the second fastest time at Bull Run Run ahead of Anne's third. There were many other VHTRC finishers in what is often called David's best event. David's Web site

Strong VHTRC showing at Terrapin Mountain 50K

Terrapin Mountain VHTRC RunnersJack Kurisky and Justine Morrison were the top VHTRC finishers at Clark Zealand's Terrapin Mountain 50K in Sedalia, VA. Jack was eighth overall and Justine was the first female finisher, just beating out Keith Knipling for ninth place overall. A number of VHTRCers finished (some of them are in the photo at right). Here are the results. Terrapin Mtn uses parts of the Hellgate 100K and Promise Land 50K courses. It was a gorgeous day to run in the mountains!

VHTRC Gets Fourth and Sixth at National Marathon

Matt Woods was fourth and Aaron Schwartzbard was sixth at the National Marathon held in DC on March 20.  While certainly not a trail race, the VHTRC was well represented. Results

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