New VHTRC Logo Selected

We would like to thank the voters for their participation in the logo election process.  Logo number five, submitted by Andrew Speidel, has been elected as the winning logo. (His, now "our," logo is at right.) The runner up was logo number one, submitted by Doug Sullivan and the third place logo was logo number six, submitted by Laura Bur.  To see a larger version of the logo click on the Read More link.

Redeye Brings in New Year - Results Now Available

Gary has come up with the results from the Redeye 50km held on January 1.  This traditional event was given to us by the the Slugs and particularly Dan Grayson, James Moore, and Bill Sublett. James was there to keep the tradition alive. Thanks to Gary Knipling who, with help from Jo Lockner and Bob Phillips, put on this year's event. As usual, the aid station was a cornucopia of cholesterol left over from the holidays. Results | Photos by: Ted Bielawa | Anstr Davidson.

Gowen Elected VHTRC President - Meeting Notes

The new board of the VHTRC met on January 7 and, as its first act, elected Alan Gowen to be the next president of the club. The notes from the meeting are now ready. Go to the Club page to see them.  (You will need the id/password.) More information about the board is at the About the VHTRC page.

Closed Bridge Splits Laurel Highlands Trail

The bridge that the Laurel Highlands Trail used to cross the Pennsylvania Turnpike has been closed.  This action will cause changes to the Laurel Highlands run and will impact other recreational users of the hiking trail.  It is unclear how cash-strapped Pennsylvania authorities will find the money to fix this rusty hulk. Let's hope they do.  Petition to Save the Bridge | LHT Run | Press Release | Park Trail Page | Larger version of photo above

New Members Only ID/Password

We updated the membership roster and changed the id and password for the Members Only section of the Web site on March 1. You can have the new password e-mailed to you. (If you made an account on this new Web page, its password has not changed.)

MLK Weekend training runs are now full

Massanuttten Training Academy director Tom CorrisWell, who knew running on the rocky trails of the Massanuttens could get this popular.  The Saturday January 16 Massanutten Training Academy run #1 from Elizabeth Furnace to Camp Roosevelt, hosted by Tom & Kirstin Corris, has filled in one afternoon, and entry is closed.  The Sunday, January 17 "Catherines 8" run, is also now closed to new entrants.   

Current entrants
 to the Cat 8 run.

The Saturday run was capped due to logistical concerns at around 40 runners, with entry priority going to those in the MMT 100 field.  The Sunday run has been capped at 75 by Forest Service regulations.


VHTRC Board of Directors

Thank you all for voting for the VHTRC Board of Directors. 

The new members of the Board are Paul Blackman, Anstr Davidson, Ed Demoney, Alan Gowen, and Quatro Hubbard.  


Hellgate 100K

Sean Andrish won the seventh running of the Hellgate 100K in 12:16. Keith Knipling was third. Keith, Kerry Owens and Sophie Speidel were recognized for finishing their fifth Hellgate, and Vicki Kendall was first SuperMaster female. Temperatures were the teens, with clear skies and some snow and ice on the ridges. Good thing the race isn't happening today! Results are on David's Hellgate website Sophie's report on her blog

Guendelsberger Takes Season Win in VHTRC Football Contest

John Guendelsberger edged out Gary Knipling for his second win of the VHTRC football contest.  John also won the 2007 contest.  Jack Evans was third. In the four contests we have held, Gary has been first, fourth, second, and second this year.  For the last week, Bill Losey and Bob Combs each missed only two games. Their scores of 18 were the highest of the season. Thanks to all who participated. Be sure to watch for the college bowl contest.   Week Twelve Results | Final Season standings

Three Old Guys, Finishers at the 2009 JFK 50 Mile Run

Ed Demoney gives thoughts and perspective on his 11th JFK finish. Take the "Read more" link to read Ed's report.  The photo at right is of Ed, Art Moore, and Paul Dwyer in the gym after finishing the 2009 JFK 50 miler.


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