New Bridge!

New Bridge at Ordway RoadThanks to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, there is a new and very stable bridge on the Bull Run Trail at Ordway Road.  The new bridge was completed on schedule by the NVRPA.  For extra credit, the NVRPA graded the path under the road.  You may remember it was very rocky. It is now very smooth, though we are not sure how the new surface will do when the next storm floods the river. For bigger pictures, take the Read more link.

The Bluebells are Coming

Early BluebellsOn March 5, we noted that the bluebells are popping out of the ground at Bull Run Regional Park - the upstream turnaround of Bull Run Run.  In a month they should have flowers.  We also noted extensive deer trails and a very interesting carcass.  We have sent these to Gary for interpretations. Photos (warning the carcass, which is the last one, is gross)

Adam Watkins Finishes the Iditarod Trail Invitational

Adam WatkinsRobin Watkins reports: "Adam Watkins finished the Iditarod Trail Invitational yesterday. The 350 mile trek across the moonscapes of Alaska, from Willow to McGrath, saw temperatures dip to -20 deg F and Adam finished in 6 days 22 hours 30 min in 5th place in the foot division. He 'blogged' from his satellite phone and you can see more information about the race. For the ITI, racers are invited to travel 350 or 1000 miles by foot, ski or bike. Video of the start - Adam coming into view around 0:20 and the camera moves with him to the end of the shot. WOOOhooo!!!!"

2013 - A Record Setting Year at the Reverse Ring

The Reverse Ring was held on the weekend of February 23-24.  This year 28 runners started and 18 succeeded in completing the full 71+ mile circuit of the Massanutten Trail.  Keith Knipling was the overall winner in 16:28; Kari Brown won the women's race in 21:47.  10 of the 18 finishers have now completed the Cycle and are Masters of The Ring, having completed both The Ring and the Reverse Ring.  For results, a report, and photos, take the Read More link.

Records Fall at Muddy Hashawha Hills 50km

RD Alan and AS Cap Lenny
RD Alan and AS Capt Lenny

Both the men's and women's course records were broken at the Hashawha Hills 50 km held on February 23 in Westminster, Maryland.

Results, a report, and photos are at the Read more link.

New Club Treasurer

The VHTRC announces the appointment of a new club treasurer. Take the Read more link to read more about it.

Keith Knipling Finishes TWOT for Third Time

Keith Knipling with throwback jerseyIt was the worst of times and then the best of times on The Wild Oak Trail (TWOT) over the weekend of February 8-9.  Keith Knipling, adapting to recent tradition, started the race on Friday morning and with Jack Kurisky pacing him through an epic night (with temperatures around 20, and winds blowing in the 50-70 mph range) survived to finish the race on Saturday afternoon in 32:09.  Jack finished 46 miles, almost all in the dark and in the wind storm.  Fastest runners to complete one loop on a beautiful & sunny winter's day on Saturday were Neal Gorman (for the men), Courtney Nester (for the women), and Scooby (for the Canine-Americans).  Dennis Herr once again put on a great show! (Keith with throwback jersey above. Picture: Dave Frazier.)  Results

Holly Bugin sets course record at Holiday Lake

The Bugins with RD Dave HortonHolly Bugin was the first female at Holiday Lake 50k yesterday near Appomattox, VA. Her time of 4:23:04 broke Leah Daughtery's previous record by 50 seconds. Keith Levasseur was the first VHTRC finisher and fifth overall in 4:02:14. Holly's husband Matt finished in seventh place in 4:09, making the Bugins the fastest married couple (there were ten married couples in the race, including newlyweds Alisa Springman and Jim Daniels). Stephanie Wilson was the first female Masters winner, and many other club members finished the two-loop course in perfect weather and dry trail conditions, which allowed for very fast times and numerous PRs. Results

Sproston Wins Race in California

Amy Sproston was the first woman and 10th overall at the Ray Miller 50 mile held (mostly) in Point Magu State Park in Ventura County, California.  While Amy no longer lives here, she remains a VHTRC member.  This event's course appears to be mostly the same as that used by Chris Scott's old Coyote Four Play and, before that, the Mugu 50/50, which was a two day race, not a 50 mile with a short option.  We think we probably had much more fun at Chris's events than we would have had at this one, but that is another story.  Results | Event Web site

Moose(s) by Gary Knipling

Gary reports on another adventure.  This is a story that only Gary could experience and tell.  Like all Gary stories, it involves adventure, exotic animals, a run, and confused sexuality.  You were warned!


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