VHTRC Event: Boyer’s Furnace

Boyer’s Furnace

Essential Info

This is not a VHTRC sponsored event. We are listing this information here as a service to Tony and to VHTRC runners.

Boyer’s Furnace is a low-key, minimally supported 40-mile loop through the Massanutten Mountains, encompassing sections of both the MMT 100 and OD 100. The run was started in 2006 by Greg Loomis and is named for Boyer’s Furnace, one of four stone blast furnaces operated in Fort Valley during the 19th Century. More on Boyer’s Furnace. This year Tony Escobar is organizing this wintertime classic.

In a nutshell, the route is broken down like this:

  • 3.7 miles of rolling dirt road
  • 8 miles along western ridge of Fort Valley (orange-blazed Massanutten Trail, rocky)
  • 9 miles of rolling dirt road
  • 17 miles along eastern ridge of Fort Valley (orange-blazed Massanutten Trail, rocky)
  • 2.5 miles of rolling dirt road

Finishing times will range from 6:30–13:30. See the results from 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010 for a feel for how long it will take you.

The trails are blazed and are easy to follow, but will not have ribbons or other special markings. Turns on the dirt roads may be marked. All runners should carry a map (specifically PATC Map G: Massanutten Mountain – North Half: Signal Knob to New Market Gap), turn sheet, and/or follow someone who knows the route.

In past years individuals have left cars or have met friends/family at different spots along the course (Woodstock Tower, for example), enabling them to cut the run short. This is fine… just plan ahead and let Tony know beforehand.

Route details

Note: the information below is for the old route. We are working on updating it (December 15, 2011).

Altitude profile

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Vicki's Death March altitude profile

Boyer's Furnace altitude profile. 40.2 miles long with 6,300 feet of ascent.

Boyer's Furnace Aid Stations
Aid stationDistance (mi)Elevation (ft)
AS 1: Veach Gap17.1850
AS 2: Woodstock Tower23.11,830
AS 3: Edinburgh Gap31.11,700
AS 4: Moreland Gap36.61,950

Last modified: Nov 9, 2012